Waxe 3.1.1 waxe-3.1.1.zip View on Github2014-12-26
Better NME integration with new version of nme
More standard menus on mac
More samples

Waxe 3.0.6 waxe-3.0.6.zip View on Github2014-12-18
Waxe 3.0.5 waxe-3.0.5.zip View on Github2014-12-18
Waxe 3.0.4 waxe-3.0.4.zip View on Github2014-11-04
More interface glue via macros
Add minimal and EventHandlers samples

Waxe 3.0.3 waxe-3.0.3.zip View on Github2014-02-28
Waxe 3.0.2 waxe-3.0.2.zip View on Github2014-02-26
Waxe 3.0.1 waxe-3.0.1.zip View on Github2014-02-25