NME 6.0.72 nme-6.0.72.zip View on Github2018-01-21
NME 6.0.71 nme-6.0.71.zip View on Github2017-10-31
NME 6.0.70 nme-6.0.70.zip View on Github2017-10-27
NME 6.0.69 nme-6.0.69.zip View on Github2017-10-26
NME 6.0.68 nme-6.0.68.zip View on Github2017-10-26
NME 6.0.67 nme-6.0.67.zip View on Github2017-10-16
NME 6.0.66 nme-6.0.66.zip View on Github2017-10-13
NME 6.0.65 nme-6.0.65.zip View on Github2017-10-12
NME 6.0.64 nme-6.0.64.zip View on Github2017-09-26
NME 6.0.63 nme-6.0.63.zip View on Github2017-09-25
NME 6.0.62 nme-6.0.62.zip View on Github2017-09-25
NME 6.0.61 nme-6.0.61.zip View on Github2017-09-18
NME 6.0.60 nme-6.0.60.zip View on Github2017-09-18
NME 6.0.59 nme-6.0.59.zip View on Github2017-09-11
NME 6.0.58 nme-6.0.58.zip View on Github2017-09-11
NME 6.0.57 nme-6.0.57.zip View on Github2017-09-10
NME 6.0.56 nme-6.0.56.zip View on Github2017-09-10
NME 6.0.55 nme-6.0.55.zip View on Github2017-09-10
Default to ndll builds for desktop
Add winrpi for toolkit
Default to libAngle on windows
Ship acadnme binaries for windows/mac/linux
Work on Winrt target - thanks Carlos
Add Jsprime target
Add mini http-server for js testing
New combined .nme format for cppia and jsprime, no manifest file

NME 6.0.54 nme-6.0.54.zip View on Github2017-09-10
NME 6.0.53 nme-6.0.53.zip View on Github2017-08-25
NME 6.0.52 nme-6.0.52.zip View on Github2017-08-01
NME 6.0.51 nme-6.0.51.zip View on Github2017-07-30
NME 6.0.50 nme-6.0.50.zip View on Github2017-07-27
NME 6.0.49 nme-6.0.49.zip View on Github2017-07-17
NME 6.0.48 nme-6.0.48.zip View on Github2017-07-03
NME 6.0.47 nme-6.0.47.zip View on Github2017-06-14
NME 6.0.46 nme-6.0.46.zip View on Github2017-06-06
NME 6.0.45 nme-6.0.45.zip View on Github2017-05-23
NME 6.0.44 nme-6.0.44.zip View on Github2017-05-22
NME 6.0.43 nme-6.0.43.zip View on Github2017-05-22
NME 6.0.42 nme-6.0.42.zip View on Github2017-05-21
NME 6.0.41 nme-6.0.41.zip View on Github2017-05-21
NME 6.0.40 nme-6.0.40.zip View on Github2017-05-20
NME 6.0.39 nme-6.0.39.zip View on Github2017-05-20
NME 6.0.38 nme-6.0.38.zip View on Github2017-05-18
NME 6.0.37 nme-6.0.37.zip View on Github2017-05-18
Moved haxe,nme and ios directories into "src" directory

NME 6.0.36 nme-6.0.36.zip View on Github2017-05-08
NME 6.0.35 nme-6.0.35.zip View on Github2017-05-08
NME 6.0.34 nme-6.0.34.zip View on Github2017-05-07
NME 6.0.33 nme-6.0.33.zip View on Github2017-05-07
NME 6.0.32 nme-6.0.32.zip View on Github2017-05-04
NME 6.0.31 nme-6.0.31.zip View on Github2017-05-04
NME 6.0.30 nme-6.0.30.zip View on Github2017-05-03
NME 6.0.29 nme-6.0.29.zip View on Github2017-05-03
NME 6.0.28 nme-6.0.28.zip View on Github2017-05-03
NME 6.0.27 nme-6.0.27.zip View on Github2017-05-02
NME 6.0.26 nme-6.0.26.zip View on Github2017-05-01
NME 6.0.25 nme-6.0.25.zip View on Github2017-05-01
NME 6.0.24 nme-6.0.24.zip View on Github2017-04-30
NME 6.0.23 nme-6.0.23.zip View on Github2017-04-30
NME 6.0.22 nme-6.0.22.zip View on Github2017-04-28
NME 6.0.21 nme-6.0.21.zip View on Github2017-04-27
NME 6.0.20 nme-6.0.20.zip View on Github2017-04-26
NME 6.0.19 nme-6.0.19.zip View on Github2017-04-26
NME 6.0.18 nme-6.0.18.zip View on Github2017-04-25
NME 6.0.17 nme-6.0.17.zip View on Github2017-04-25
NME 6.0.16 nme-6.0.16.zip View on Github2017-04-25
NME 6.0.15 nme-6.0.15.zip View on Github2017-04-24
NME 6.0.14 nme-6.0.14.zip View on Github2017-04-24
NME 6.0.13 nme-6.0.13.zip View on Github2017-04-21
NME 6.0.12 nme-6.0.12.zip View on Github2017-04-19
NME 6.0.11 nme-6.0.11.zip View on Github2017-04-18
NME 6.0.10 nme-6.0.10.zip View on Github2017-04-18
NME 6.0.9 nme-6.0.9.zip View on Github2017-04-18
NME 6.0.8 nme-6.0.8.zip View on Github2017-04-16
NME 6.0.7 nme-6.0.7.zip View on Github2017-03-27
NME 6.0.6 nme-6.0.6.zip View on Github2017-03-26
NME 6.0.5 nme-6.0.5.zip View on Github2017-03-24
Reduced pre-compiled binaries to only windows32, mac64 and linux64

NME 6.0.4 nme-6.0.4.zip View on Github2017-03-24
NME 6.0.3 nme-6.0.3.zip View on Github2017-03-24
Added more internal pixel formats

NME 6.0.2 nme-6.0.2.zip View on Github2017-03-22
NME 6.0.1 nme-6.0.1.zip View on Github2017-03-22
NME 5.7.1 nme-5.7.1.zip View on Github2017-03-22
Numerous other contributions - thanks everyone!
Added some polygon clipping options
More towards premultiplied alpha
Some more openfl compatibility
Fix tile sub-pixel offsets
Android immersive mode fixes
More native text options
Move towards toolkit builds
Optionally lock out multiplle instances of application
Add smaller and lower-res icons for windows
Fix issues with freeing sound buffers
Add ios watch support

NME 5.6.73 nme-5.6.73.zip View on Github2017-03-21
NME 5.6.72 nme-5.6.72.zip View on Github2017-03-16
NME 5.6.71 nme-5.6.71.zip View on Github2017-02-27
NME 5.6.70 nme-5.6.70.zip View on Github2017-01-31
NME 5.6.69 nme-5.6.69.zip View on Github2017-01-20
NME 5.6.68 nme-5.6.68.zip View on Github2017-01-11
NME 5.6.67 nme-5.6.67.zip View on Github2017-01-11
NME 5.6.66 nme-5.6.66.zip View on Github2017-01-09
NME 5.6.65 nme-5.6.65.zip View on Github2017-01-06
NME 5.6.64 nme-5.6.64.zip View on Github2016-12-27
NME 5.6.63 nme-5.6.63.zip View on Github2016-12-26
NME 5.6.62 nme-5.6.62.zip View on Github2016-12-26
NME 5.6.61 nme-5.6.61.zip View on Github2016-11-30
NME 5.6.60 nme-5.6.60.zip View on Github2016-11-29
NME 5.6.59 nme-5.6.59.zip View on Github2016-11-28
NME 5.6.58 nme-5.6.58.zip View on Github2016-11-28
NME 5.6.57 nme-5.6.57.zip View on Github2016-11-17
NME 5.6.56 nme-5.6.56.zip View on Github2016-11-17
NME 5.6.55 nme-5.6.55.zip View on Github2016-11-17
NME 5.6.54 nme-5.6.54.zip View on Github2016-11-15
NME 5.6.53 nme-5.6.53.zip View on Github2016-11-15
NME 5.6.52 nme-5.6.52.zip View on Github2016-11-14
NME 5.6.51 nme-5.6.51.zip View on Github2016-11-13
NME 5.6.50 nme-5.6.50.zip View on Github2016-10-17
NME 5.6.49 nme-5.6.49.zip View on Github2016-09-30
NME 5.6.48 nme-5.6.48.zip View on Github2016-09-30
NME 5.6.47 nme-5.6.47.zip View on Github2016-09-29
NME 5.6.46 nme-5.6.46.zip View on Github2016-09-29
NME 5.6.45 nme-5.6.45.zip View on Github2016-09-29
NME 5.6.44 nme-5.6.44.zip View on Github2016-09-28
NME 5.6.43 nme-5.6.43.zip View on Github2016-09-27
NME 5.6.42 nme-5.6.42.zip View on Github2016-09-26
NME 5.6.41 nme-5.6.41.zip View on Github2016-09-26
NME 5.6.40 nme-5.6.40.zip View on Github2016-09-22
ios default deployment set to "8.0". Can be overridden with the 'deployment' attribute in the ios tag.

NME 5.6.39 nme-5.6.39.zip View on Github2016-09-20
NME 5.6.38 nme-5.6.38.zip View on Github2016-09-20
NME 5.6.37 nme-5.6.37.zip View on Github2016-09-20
NME 5.6.36 nme-5.6.36.zip View on Github2016-09-15
NME 5.6.35 nme-5.6.35.zip View on Github2016-09-14
NME 5.6.34 nme-5.6.34.zip View on Github2016-09-13
NME 5.6.33 nme-5.6.33.zip View on Github2016-09-12
NME 5.6.32 nme-5.6.32.zip View on Github2016-09-11
NME 5.6.31 nme-5.6.31.zip View on Github2016-09-09
NME 5.6.30 nme-5.6.30.zip View on Github2016-09-08
NME 5.6.29 nme-5.6.29.zip View on Github2016-09-02
NME 5.6.28 nme-5.6.28.zip View on Github2016-08-31
NME 5.6.27 nme-5.6.27.zip View on Github2016-08-28
NME 5.6.26 nme-5.6.26.zip View on Github2016-08-24
NME 5.6.25 nme-5.6.25.zip View on Github2016-08-22
NME 5.6.24 nme-5.6.24.zip View on Github2016-08-22
NME 5.6.23 nme-5.6.23.zip View on Github2016-08-19
NME 5.6.22 nme-5.6.22.zip View on Github2016-08-18
NME 5.6.21 nme-5.6.21.zip View on Github2016-08-17
NME 5.6.20 nme-5.6.20.zip View on Github2016-08-16
NME 5.6.19 nme-5.6.19.zip View on Github2016-08-16
NME 5.6.18 nme-5.6.18.zip View on Github2016-08-15
NME 5.6.17 nme-5.6.17.zip View on Github2016-08-14
NME 5.6.16 nme-5.6.16.zip View on Github2016-08-11
NME 5.6.15 nme-5.6.15.zip View on Github2016-08-11
NME 5.6.14 nme-5.6.14.zip View on Github2016-06-26
NME 5.6.13 nme-5.6.13.zip View on Github2016-06-21
NME 5.6.12 nme-5.6.12.zip View on Github2016-06-20
NME 5.6.11 nme-5.6.11.zip View on Github2016-06-20
NME 5.6.10 nme-5.6.10.zip View on Github2016-06-19
NME 5.6.9 nme-5.6.9.zip View on Github2016-06-18
NME 5.6.8 nme-5.6.8.zip View on Github2016-06-17
NME 5.6.7 nme-5.6.7.zip View on Github2016-06-15
NME 5.6.6 nme-5.6.6.zip View on Github2016-06-14
NME 5.6.5 nme-5.6.5.zip View on Github2016-06-07
NME 5.6.4 nme-5.6.4.zip View on Github2016-05-25
NME 5.6.3 nme-5.6.3.zip View on Github2016-05-25
Fix static linking flags

NME 5.6.2 nme-5.6.2.zip View on Github2016-05-23
Added TextField onScroll event
Added clipboard code
More distinction between character(text) and raw key inputs
Some swflib compatibility changes
Make window creation size depend on reported screen DPI
Check haxe_ver to decide if static libraries are required
Work in 'file copy' command for new version of haxe
Some Windows64 fixes
Some fixed for SDL music
More immersive fullscreen more on android when supported
Integrate more with the android native keyboard
Start work on 'nme-toolkit' build

NME 5.6.1 nme-5.6.1.zip View on Github2016-05-22
NME 5.5.32 nme-5.5.32.zip View on Github2016-05-22
NME 5.5.31 nme-5.5.31.zip View on Github2016-05-19
NME 5.5.30 nme-5.5.30.zip View on Github2016-05-19
NME 5.5.29 nme-5.5.29.zip View on Github2016-05-16
NME 5.5.28 nme-5.5.28.zip View on Github2016-05-15
NME 5.5.27 nme-5.5.27.zip View on Github2016-05-15
NME 5.5.26 nme-5.5.26.zip View on Github2016-05-14
NME 5.5.25 nme-5.5.25.zip View on Github2016-05-14
NME 5.5.24 nme-5.5.24.zip View on Github2016-05-14
NME 5.5.23 nme-5.5.23.zip View on Github2016-05-13
NME 5.5.22 nme-5.5.22.zip View on Github2016-05-09
NME 5.5.21 nme-5.5.21.zip View on Github2016-05-08
NME 5.5.20 nme-5.5.20.zip View on Github2016-05-05
NME 5.5.19 nme-5.5.19.zip View on Github2016-04-29
NME 5.5.18 nme-5.5.18.zip View on Github2016-03-31
NME 5.5.17 nme-5.5.17.zip View on Github2016-02-06
NME 5.5.16 nme-5.5.16.zip View on Github2016-02-06
NME 5.5.15 nme-5.5.15.zip View on Github2016-02-06
NME 5.5.14 nme-5.5.14.zip View on Github2016-02-05
NME 5.5.13 nme-5.5.13.zip View on Github2015-12-16
NME 5.5.12 nme-5.5.12.zip View on Github2015-12-15
NME 5.5.11 nme-5.5.11.zip View on Github2015-11-20
NME 5.5.10 nme-5.5.10.zip View on Github2015-11-19
NME 5.5.9 nme-5.5.9.zip View on Github2015-11-19
NME 5.5.8 nme-5.5.8.zip View on Github2015-11-15
NME 5.5.7 nme-5.5.7.zip View on Github2015-11-05
More hide-and-seek with ios font locations (thanks codeservice)
Updated bin location for El Capitan
Turn off BITCODE in nme projects by default
Correctly interpret ndll name in extension
Allow custom intp.plist blocks on ios. (eg, facebook integration)
Pause and resume the android rendering in response to system messages
Simplify frame timer logic by default
Allow multiple scroll steps per mouse wheel click
Fix texture lean when clearing HardwareData
Fix android colour format on some simulators

NME 5.5.6 nme-5.5.6.zip View on Github2015-11-05
NME 5.5.5 nme-5.5.5.zip View on Github2015-11-05
NME 5.5.4 nme-5.5.4.zip View on Github2015-11-04
NME 5.5.3 nme-5.5.3.zip View on Github2015-10-06
NME 5.5.2 nme-5.5.2.zip View on Github2015-10-04
Separate static binaries for msvc 19

NME 5.5.1 nme-5.5.1.zip View on Github2015-09-30
Speedups for the tile display list
BitmapData.dispose now fully clears resources
Fix font finding for ios 8.2+
Added android mouse wheel support (thanks codeservice)
Restore text event to allow non-keycode input (thanks codeservice)
Fixed for Bitmap.copyChannel bounds (thanks Thomas)
Allow custom iOS properties (thanks Thomas)
Allow selection of sound engine where appropriate - eg SDL vs openAl on mac, android vs Opensl
Added mp3 decoding for windows (post XP) and mac
Added AudioTest sample
Add Opensl sound backend for android
Refactor sound support to use common code between sound engines.

NME 5.4.36 nme-5.4.36.zip View on Github2015-09-06
NME 5.4.35 nme-5.4.35.zip View on Github2015-09-06
NME 5.4.34 nme-5.4.34.zip View on Github2015-09-05
NME 5.4.33 nme-5.4.33.zip View on Github2015-08-28
NME 5.4.32 nme-5.4.32.zip View on Github2015-08-19
NME 5.4.31 nme-5.4.31.zip View on Github2015-08-19
NME 5.4.30 nme-5.4.30.zip View on Github2015-08-13
NME 5.4.29 nme-5.4.29.zip View on Github2015-08-13
NME 5.4.28 nme-5.4.28.zip View on Github2015-08-12
NME 5.4.27 nme-5.4.27.zip View on Github2015-08-12
NME 5.4.26 nme-5.4.26.zip View on Github2015-08-11
NME 5.4.25 nme-5.4.25.zip View on Github2015-08-10
NME 5.4.24 nme-5.4.24.zip View on Github2015-08-10
NME 5.4.23 nme-5.4.23.zip View on Github2015-07-27
NME 5.4.22 nme-5.4.22.zip View on Github2015-07-27
NME 5.4.21 nme-5.4.21.zip View on Github2015-07-17
NME 5.4.20 nme-5.4.20.zip View on Github2015-07-16
NME 5.4.19 nme-5.4.19.zip View on Github2015-07-16
NME 5.4.18 nme-5.4.18.zip View on Github2015-07-16
NME 5.4.17 nme-5.4.17.zip View on Github2015-07-15
NME 5.4.16 nme-5.4.16.zip View on Github2015-07-15
NME 5.4.15 nme-5.4.15.zip View on Github2015-07-10
NME 5.4.14 nme-5.4.14.zip View on Github2015-07-09
NME 5.4.13 nme-5.4.13.zip View on Github2015-07-09
NME 5.4.12 nme-5.4.12.zip View on Github2015-07-08
NME 5.4.11 nme-5.4.11.zip View on Github2015-06-28
NME 5.4.10 nme-5.4.10.zip View on Github2015-06-28
NME 5.4.9 nme-5.4.9.zip View on Github2015-06-28
NME 5.4.8 nme-5.4.8.zip View on Github2015-06-28
NME 5.4.7 nme-5.4.7.zip View on Github2015-06-27
NME 5.4.6 nme-5.4.6.zip View on Github2015-06-26
Respect the flash meaning of mouseEnabled, and add hitEnabled to ignore hit tests

NME 5.4.5 nme-5.4.5.zip View on Github2015-06-17
NME 5.4.4 nme-5.4.4.zip View on Github2015-06-10
NME 5.4.3 nme-5.4.3.zip View on Github2015-06-09
Use async callback to fill ogg buffers (stops sound stutter in ios)

NME 5.4.2 nme-5.4.2.zip View on Github2015-05-26
NME 5.4.1 nme-5.4.1.zip View on Github2015-05-26
Add Cppia/Acadnme integration
Added some keyboard and scaling support to PiratePig
Added some remote shell capabilities, via "nme shell deploy=IPADDR"
Allow opting-out of 3x ios images
Added some function notation to substitution, eg build="{gitver:}" pulls in the repo number
Some android sound fixes (thanks Thomas)
Added "nocompile" target, wich runs haxe without compiling
Loads sounds and fonts from resources if required
Allow windows to use freetype fonts too

NME 5.3.42 nme-5.3.42.zip View on Github2015-05-26
NME 5.3.41 nme-5.3.41.zip View on Github2015-05-25
NME 5.3.40 nme-5.3.40.zip View on Github2015-05-24
NME 5.3.39 nme-5.3.39.zip View on Github2015-05-24
NME 5.3.38 nme-5.3.38.zip View on Github2015-05-21
NME 5.3.37 nme-5.3.37.zip View on Github2015-05-21
NME 5.3.36 nme-5.3.36.zip View on Github2015-05-20
NME 5.3.35 nme-5.3.35.zip View on Github2015-05-19
NME 5.3.34 nme-5.3.34.zip View on Github2015-05-13
NME 5.3.33 nme-5.3.33.zip View on Github2015-05-11
NME 5.3.32 nme-5.3.32.zip View on Github2015-05-11
NME 5.3.31 nme-5.3.31.zip View on Github2015-05-10
NME 5.3.30 nme-5.3.30.zip View on Github2015-05-07
NME 5.3.29 nme-5.3.29.zip View on Github2015-05-03
NME 5.3.28 nme-5.3.28.zip View on Github2015-05-02
NME 5.3.27 nme-5.3.27.zip View on Github2015-05-02
NME 5.3.26 nme-5.3.26.zip View on Github2015-04-30
NME 5.3.25 nme-5.3.25.zip View on Github2015-04-30
NME 5.3.24 nme-5.3.24.zip View on Github2015-04-30
NME 5.3.23 nme-5.3.23.zip View on Github2015-04-29
NME 5.3.22 nme-5.3.22.zip View on Github2015-04-28
NME 5.3.21 nme-5.3.21.zip View on Github2015-04-24
NME 5.3.20 nme-5.3.20.zip View on Github2015-04-22
NME 5.3.19 nme-5.3.19.zip View on Github2015-04-20
Add lime extension compatibility

NME 5.3.18 nme-5.3.18.zip View on Github2015-04-20
NME 5.3.17 nme-5.3.17.zip View on Github2015-04-19
NME 5.3.16 nme-5.3.16.zip View on Github2015-04-19
NME 5.3.15 nme-5.3.15.zip View on Github2015-04-19
NME 5.3.14 nme-5.3.14.zip View on Github2015-04-11
NME 5.3.13 nme-5.3.13.zip View on Github2015-04-11
NME 5.3.12 nme-5.3.12.zip View on Github2015-04-11
NME 5.3.11 nme-5.3.11.zip View on Github2015-04-07
NME 5.3.10 nme-5.3.10.zip View on Github2015-04-05
NME 5.3.9 nme-5.3.9.zip View on Github2015-04-04
NME 5.3.8 nme-5.3.8.zip View on Github2015-03-26
NME 5.3.7 nme-5.3.7.zip View on Github2015-03-24
NME 5.3.6 nme-5.3.6.zip View on Github2015-03-24
NME 5.3.5 nme-5.3.5.zip View on Github2015-03-23
NME 5.3.4 nme-5.3.4.zip View on Github2015-03-23
NME 5.3.3 nme-5.3.3.zip View on Github2015-03-20
NME 5.3.2 nme-5.3.2.zip View on Github2015-03-17
NME 5.3.1 nme-5.3.1.zip View on Github2015-03-16
Tag all classes with @:nativeProperty

NME 5.2.45 nme-5.2.45.zip View on Github2015-03-16
NME 5.2.44 nme-5.2.44.zip View on Github2015-03-12
NME 5.2.43 nme-5.2.43.zip View on Github2015-03-12
NME 5.2.42 nme-5.2.42.zip View on Github2015-03-10
NME 5.2.41 nme-5.2.41.zip View on Github2015-03-08
NME 5.2.40 nme-5.2.40.zip View on Github2015-02-28
NME 5.2.39 nme-5.2.39.zip View on Github2015-02-27
NME 5.2.38 nme-5.2.38.zip View on Github2015-02-27
NME 5.2.37 nme-5.2.37.zip View on Github2015-02-27
NME 5.2.36 nme-5.2.36.zip View on Github2015-02-26
NME 5.2.35 nme-5.2.35.zip View on Github2015-02-26
NME 5.2.34 nme-5.2.34.zip View on Github2015-02-24
NME 5.2.33 nme-5.2.33.zip View on Github2015-02-24
NME 5.2.32 nme-5.2.32.zip View on Github2015-02-23
NME 5.2.31 nme-5.2.31.zip View on Github2015-02-21
NME 5.2.30 nme-5.2.30.zip View on Github2015-02-11
NME 5.2.29 nme-5.2.29.zip View on Github2015-02-11
NME 5.2.28 nme-5.2.28.zip View on Github2015-02-11
NME 5.2.27 nme-5.2.27.zip View on Github2015-02-10
Improve fat-line rendering

NME 5.2.26 nme-5.2.26.zip View on Github2015-02-08
NME 5.2.25 nme-5.2.25.zip View on Github2015-02-08
NME 5.2.24 nme-5.2.24.zip View on Github2015-02-05
NME 5.2.23 nme-5.2.23.zip View on Github2015-02-04
NME 5.2.22 nme-5.2.22.zip View on Github2015-02-04
NME 5.2.21 nme-5.2.21.zip View on Github2015-02-04
NME 5.2.20 nme-5.2.20.zip View on Github2015-02-01
NME 5.2.19 nme-5.2.19.zip View on Github2015-02-01
NME 5.2.18 nme-5.2.18.zip View on Github2015-02-01
NME 5.2.17 nme-5.2.17.zip View on Github2015-02-01
NME 5.2.16 nme-5.2.16.zip View on Github2015-01-28
NME 5.2.15 nme-5.2.15.zip View on Github2015-01-18
Fix ios-view
Fix TextField cursor

NME 5.2.14 nme-5.2.14.zip View on Github2015-01-17
NME 5.2.13 nme-5.2.13.zip View on Github2015-01-13
NME 5.2.12 nme-5.2.12.zip View on Github2015-01-13
Use alternate serif font on Android 5

NME 5.2.11 nme-5.2.11.zip View on Github2015-01-11
NME 5.2.10 nme-5.2.10.zip View on Github2015-01-11
Fixed android-view linking with EGL
Fix alpha for non-transparent bitmaps

NME 5.2.9 nme-5.2.9.zip View on Github2015-01-10
NME 5.2.8 nme-5.2.8.zip View on Github2015-01-10
Better Flixel support

NME 5.2.7 nme-5.2.7.zip View on Github2014-12-31
NME 5.2.6 nme-5.2.6.zip View on Github2014-12-30
NME 5.2.5 nme-5.2.5.zip View on Github2014-12-30
NME 5.2.4 nme-5.2.4.zip View on Github2014-12-29
NME 5.2.3 nme-5.2.3.zip View on Github2014-12-28
NME 5.2.2 nme-5.2.2.zip View on Github2014-12-27
NME 5.2.1 nme-5.2.1.zip View on Github2014-12-26
Separated from Lime project
Fixed sub-pixel offset for nearest mode
Added options for handling unhandled exceptions
Added bluetooth functions for android
Added lldb options for starting with debug
Some work on frame-rate control, including working at 0 frames-per-second
Better integraion with waxe
Some minor tesselation improvements
Added some missing implementations in OGLExport
Nme tool is now linked against gm2d, not svg
Reworked text rendering to use drawTiles - allows rotated font rendering
Added mingw support
Added ios8 + 64 bit suport

NME 5.1.17 nme-5.1.17.zip View on Github2014-12-23
NME 5.1.16 nme-5.1.16.zip View on Github2014-12-23
NME 5.1.15 nme-5.1.15.zip View on Github2014-12-21
NME 5.1.14 nme-5.1.14.zip View on Github2014-12-21
NME 5.1.13 nme-5.1.13.zip View on Github2014-12-20
NME 5.1.12 nme-5.1.12.zip View on Github2014-12-20
NME 5.1.11 nme-5.1.11.zip View on Github2014-11-04
Float32Array/UInt16Array/Int32Array - meaning of third parameter has changed to match JS behaviour. Please check if this affects you.

NME 5.1.10 nme-5.1.10.zip View on Github2014-06-03
NME 5.1.9 nme-5.1.9.zip View on Github2014-06-02
NME 5.1.8 nme-5.1.8.zip View on Github2014-05-21
Fixed font/texture bug

NME 5.1.7 nme-5.1.7.zip View on Github2014-05-20
NME 5.1.6 nme-5.1.6.zip View on Github2014-05-20
NME 5.1.5 nme-5.1.5.zip View on Github2014-05-19
NME 5.1.4 nme-5.1.4.zip View on Github2014-05-19
Add Camera API

NME 5.1.3 nme-5.1.3.zip View on Github2014-05-12
NME 5.1.2 nme-5.1.2.zip View on Github2014-05-11
NME 5.1.1 nme-5.1.1.zip View on Github2014-05-11
Moved to haxenme repo

NME 5.0.37 nme-5.0.37.zip View on Github2014-03-27
NME 5.0.36 nme-5.0.36.zip View on Github2014-03-27
NME 5.0.35 nme-5.0.35.zip View on Github2014-03-26
NME 5.0.34 nme-5.0.34.zip View on Github2014-03-26
NME 5.0.33 nme-5.0.33.zip View on Github2014-03-24
Allow embed on Bitmap, Font and Sound assets

NME 5.0.32 nme-5.0.32.zip View on Github2014-03-22
NME 5.0.31 nme-5.0.31.zip View on Github2014-03-21
NME 5.0.30 nme-5.0.30.zip View on Github2014-03-20
Get samples working better
Impove the 'quick compile' options for nme
Start on factoring out stable header files (not complete yet)
OpengGl fixes - allow multiple attributes for uniformfv, uniformMatricfv and vertextAttribfv
Big internal change to pixel format, but nothing outwardly visible (hopefully)

NME 5.0.29 nme-5.0.29.zip View on Github2014-03-06
NME 5.0.28 nme-5.0.28.zip View on Github2014-03-05
NME 5.0.27 nme-5.0.27.zip View on Github2014-03-05
Refactor assets so the mostly live outside the template code, and allow embed/not embed to mix
Fix CURL stall with https
Refactored IOS UIView code to allow separate application controller
Remove some android sensor messages on wrong thread - will need to fix later
Fixed pixel-accurate interpolation
Add some font-paths when searching ios
Revert android audio back to java-based.
Allow cross-compiling of linux from mac
Improved android refresh timing
Some initial support for premultiplied alpha
Drop support for asset 'libraries'
Refactor build tool to use inheritance
Only support opengles 2+ (shaders)
Drop support for ios < 5.1 (still support ipad1)
Default to the highest supported andoird API for 'target'
Added android x86 and emulator support
Build c++11 for IOS
Rationalized the directory structure for templates, with one main "haxe" directory each
Removed warnings from ios builds, and uded image catalogs
Fix some bugs in JNI
Re-wrote preloader to avoid templates if possible
Dynamically load libGL on linux in case it is not there
Use vertex-buffers for improved performance
Build against 'nme-state' library
Use common hxcpp builder code for multiple builds
Remove extensions until a good way is found
Add initial support for pre-emptive GC
Support static linking
Build-tool assumes 'test' command if possible
Re-integrate waxe
Add shader-based line anti-aliasing
Recover samples from context lost

NME 5.0.26 nme-5.0.26.zip View on Github2014-02-28
NME 5.0.25 nme-5.0.25.zip View on Github2014-02-26
NME 5.0.24 nme-5.0.24.zip View on Github2014-02-26
NME 5.0.23 nme-5.0.23.zip View on Github2014-02-17
NME 5.0.22 nme-5.0.22.zip View on Github2014-02-16
NME 5.0.21 nme-5.0.21.zip View on Github2014-02-09
NME 5.0.20 nme-5.0.20.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.19 nme-5.0.19.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.18 nme-5.0.18.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.17 nme-5.0.17.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Improve android timing loop
Some initial work on premultiplied alpha

NME 5.0.16 nme-5.0.16.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.15 nme-5.0.15.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.14 nme-5.0.14.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.13 nme-5.0.13.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Add androidview support
Add iosview support
Improve JNI class handling
Remove some android callbacks on wrong thread

NME 5.0.12 nme-5.0.12.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.11 nme-5.0.11.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.10 nme-5.0.10.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.9 nme-5.0.9.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.8 nme-5.0.8.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.7 nme-5.0.7.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.6 nme-5.0.6.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Some work on weak references for asset caching

NME 5.0.5 nme-5.0.5.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Add some StageVideo handlers
Add openfl compatibility support
Add cocktail support

NME 5.0.4 nme-5.0.4.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.3 nme-5.0.3.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Imported from nekonme

NME 5.0.2 nme-5.0.2.zip View on Github2014-02-07
NME 5.0.1 nme-5.0.1.zip View on Github2014-02-07