NmeDev 5.5.1 nme-dev-5.5.1.zip View on Github2015-10-03
Bump munber to better match nme
Added msvc-19 support

NmeDev 1.4.5 nme-dev-1.4.5.zip View on Github2015-09-20
NmeDev 1.4.4 nme-dev-1.4.4.zip View on Github2015-08-11
NmeDev 1.4.3 nme-dev-1.4.3.zip View on Github2015-08-10
NmeDev 1.4.2 nme-dev-1.4.2.zip View on Github2015-07-08
NmeDev 1.4.1 nme-dev-1.4.1.zip View on Github2015-06-16
NmeDev 1.3.5 nme-dev-1.3.5.zip View on Github2014-12-20
NmeDev 1.3.4 nme-dev-1.3.4.zip View on Github2014-12-18
NmeDev 1.3.3 nme-dev-1.3.3.zip View on Github2014-11-04
Added ios 64bit/armv7s support

NmeDev 1.3.2 nme-dev-1.3.2.zip View on Github2014-06-02
Fix for fullscreen switching

NmeDev 1.3.1 nme-dev-1.3.1.zip View on Github2014-05-11
Moved to to nme-dev
Initial release