Hxcpp 4.0.23 hxcpp-4.0.23.zip View on Github2019-06-18
Hxcpp 4.0.22 hxcpp-4.0.22.zip View on Github2019-06-18
Hxcpp 4.0.21 hxcpp-4.0.21.zip View on Github2019-06-13
Hxcpp 4.0.20 hxcpp-4.0.20.zip View on Github2019-06-13
Hxcpp 4.0.19 hxcpp-4.0.19.zip View on Github2019-06-12
General Utf16 stirng improvements
Limit the amount of recursion in toString function
Add float32 support to cppia
Fix Gc race condition

Hxcpp 4.0.18 hxcpp-4.0.18.zip View on Github2019-06-11
Hxcpp 4.0.17 hxcpp-4.0.17.zip View on Github2019-05-20
Hxcpp 4.0.16 hxcpp-4.0.16.zip View on Github2019-05-15
Hxcpp 4.0.15 hxcpp-4.0.15.zip View on Github2019-04-14
Hxcpp 4.0.14 hxcpp-4.0.14.zip View on Github2019-04-08