Hxcpp 4.0.7 hxcpp-4.0.7.zip View on Github2018-10-15
Hxcpp 4.0.6 hxcpp-4.0.6.zip View on Github2018-10-10
Hxcpp 4.0.5 hxcpp-4.0.5.zip View on Github2018-08-10
Hxcpp 4.0.4 hxcpp-4.0.4.zip View on Github2018-07-13
Hxcpp 4.0.3 hxcpp-4.0.3.zip View on Github2018-07-13
Compile Cppia against haxe 4.0 preview 4

Hxcpp 4.0.2 hxcpp-4.0.2.zip View on Github2018-07-12
Default Cppia to 64 bits on windows

Hxcpp 4.0.1 hxcpp-4.0.1.zip View on Github2018-07-11
More logic for determining the android NDK version
Updated various opensource libraries (thanks robocoder)
Updated version of zlib
Updated version of sljit
Updated version of pcre
Updated version of sqlit3
Updated version of mbedtls
Some work on supporting utf16 strings (hx_smart_strings)
Added process_kill
Change root when calculating haxelib in build.xml files
Fix cppia super calls across cpp boundary
Add Array.resize
Be consistent with mod in cppia
Fix Sys.stderr
Add 'embedName' file attribute to allow text to cpp conversion
Updates for Msvc
Updates for Xcode

Hxcpp 3.4.220 hxcpp-3.4.220.zip View on Github2018-07-09
Hxcpp 3.4.219 hxcpp-3.4.219.zip View on Github2018-06-29
Hxcpp 3.4.218 hxcpp-3.4.218.zip View on Github2018-06-29