Hxcpp 3.4.198 hxcpp-3.4.198.zip View on Github2017-11-13
Hxcpp 3.4.197 hxcpp-3.4.197.zip View on Github2017-11-10
Hxcpp 3.4.196 hxcpp-3.4.196.zip View on Github2017-10-31
Hxcpp 3.4.195 hxcpp-3.4.195.zip View on Github2017-10-31
Hxcpp 3.4.194 hxcpp-3.4.194.zip View on Github2017-10-13
Hxcpp 3.4.193 hxcpp-3.4.193.zip View on Github2017-10-12
Hxcpp 3.4.192 hxcpp-3.4.192.zip View on Github2017-10-02
Hxcpp 3.4.191 hxcpp-3.4.191.zip View on Github2017-09-28
Hxcpp 3.4.190 hxcpp-3.4.190.zip View on Github2017-09-28
Hxcpp 3.4.189 hxcpp-3.4.189.zip View on Github2017-09-25
Hxcpp 3.4.188 hxcpp-3.4.188.zip View on Github2017-09-20
Hxcpp 3.4.187 hxcpp-3.4.187.zip View on Github2017-09-18
Fix some threading crashes

Hxcpp 3.4.186 hxcpp-3.4.186.zip View on Github2017-09-18
Hxcpp 3.4.185 hxcpp-3.4.185.zip View on Github2017-09-10
Hxcpp 3.4.184 hxcpp-3.4.184.zip View on Github2017-09-10
Hxcpp 3.4.183 hxcpp-3.4.183.zip View on Github2017-09-10
Do not ship static libraries
Use more lock-free structures in GC processing
Added some documentation
Some MSVC 2017 support
Compile Cppia with JIT as an option by default

Hxcpp 3.4.182 hxcpp-3.4.182.zip View on Github2017-09-09
Hxcpp 3.4.181 hxcpp-3.4.181.zip View on Github2017-08-25
Hxcpp 3.4.180 hxcpp-3.4.180.zip View on Github2017-08-24
Hxcpp 3.4.179 hxcpp-3.4.179.zip View on Github2017-08-14
Hxcpp 3.4.178 hxcpp-3.4.178.zip View on Github2017-08-13
Hxcpp 3.4.177 hxcpp-3.4.177.zip View on Github2017-08-13
Hxcpp 3.4.176 hxcpp-3.4.176.zip View on Github2017-08-11
Hxcpp 3.4.175 hxcpp-3.4.175.zip View on Github2017-08-11
Hxcpp 3.4.174 hxcpp-3.4.174.zip View on Github2017-08-10
Hxcpp 3.4.173 hxcpp-3.4.173.zip View on Github2017-08-08
Hxcpp 3.4.172 hxcpp-3.4.172.zip View on Github2017-08-04
Hxcpp 3.4.171 hxcpp-3.4.171.zip View on Github2017-08-02
Hxcpp 3.4.170 hxcpp-3.4.170.zip View on Github2017-08-01
Hxcpp 3.4.169 hxcpp-3.4.169.zip View on Github2017-07-27
Hxcpp 3.4.168 hxcpp-3.4.168.zip View on Github2017-07-26
Hxcpp 3.4.167 hxcpp-3.4.167.zip View on Github2017-07-24
Hxcpp 3.4.166 hxcpp-3.4.166.zip View on Github2017-07-21
Hxcpp 3.4.165 hxcpp-3.4.165.zip View on Github2017-07-19
Hxcpp 3.4.164 hxcpp-3.4.164.zip View on Github2017-07-19
Hxcpp 3.4.163 hxcpp-3.4.163.zip View on Github2017-07-19
Hxcpp 3.4.162 hxcpp-3.4.162.zip View on Github2017-07-19
Hxcpp 3.4.161 hxcpp-3.4.161.zip View on Github2017-07-19
Hxcpp 3.4.160 hxcpp-3.4.160.zip View on Github2017-07-19
Hxcpp 3.4.159 hxcpp-3.4.159.zip View on Github2017-07-19
Hxcpp 3.4.158 hxcpp-3.4.158.zip View on Github2017-07-19
Hxcpp 3.4.157 hxcpp-3.4.157.zip View on Github2017-07-18
Hxcpp 3.4.156 hxcpp-3.4.156.zip View on Github2017-07-18
Hxcpp 3.4.155 hxcpp-3.4.155.zip View on Github2017-07-18
Hxcpp 3.4.154 hxcpp-3.4.154.zip View on Github2017-07-17
Hxcpp 3.4.153 hxcpp-3.4.153.zip View on Github2017-07-17
Hxcpp 3.4.152 hxcpp-3.4.152.zip View on Github2017-07-14
Hxcpp 3.4.151 hxcpp-3.4.151.zip View on Github2017-07-13
Hxcpp 3.4.150 hxcpp-3.4.150.zip View on Github2017-07-13
Hxcpp 3.4.149 hxcpp-3.4.149.zip View on Github2017-07-12
Hxcpp 3.4.148 hxcpp-3.4.148.zip View on Github2017-07-11
Hxcpp 3.4.147 hxcpp-3.4.147.zip View on Github2017-07-08
Hxcpp 3.4.146 hxcpp-3.4.146.zip View on Github2017-07-07
Hxcpp 3.4.145 hxcpp-3.4.145.zip View on Github2017-07-07
Hxcpp 3.4.144 hxcpp-3.4.144.zip View on Github2017-07-06
Hxcpp 3.4.143 hxcpp-3.4.143.zip View on Github2017-07-06
Hxcpp 3.4.142 hxcpp-3.4.142.zip View on Github2017-07-06
Hxcpp 3.4.141 hxcpp-3.4.141.zip View on Github2017-07-05
Hxcpp 3.4.140 hxcpp-3.4.140.zip View on Github2017-07-05
Hxcpp 3.4.139 hxcpp-3.4.139.zip View on Github2017-07-05
Hxcpp 3.4.138 hxcpp-3.4.138.zip View on Github2017-07-05
Hxcpp 3.4.137 hxcpp-3.4.137.zip View on Github2017-07-04
Hxcpp 3.4.136 hxcpp-3.4.136.zip View on Github2017-07-03
Hxcpp 3.4.135 hxcpp-3.4.135.zip View on Github2017-07-03
Hxcpp 3.4.134 hxcpp-3.4.134.zip View on Github2017-07-02
Hxcpp 3.4.133 hxcpp-3.4.133.zip View on Github2017-07-02
Hxcpp 3.4.132 hxcpp-3.4.132.zip View on Github2017-07-02
Hxcpp 3.4.131 hxcpp-3.4.131.zip View on Github2017-06-30
Hxcpp 3.4.130 hxcpp-3.4.130.zip View on Github2017-06-29
Hxcpp 3.4.129 hxcpp-3.4.129.zip View on Github2017-06-29
Hxcpp 3.4.128 hxcpp-3.4.128.zip View on Github2017-06-26
Hxcpp 3.4.127 hxcpp-3.4.127.zip View on Github2017-06-26
Hxcpp 3.4.126 hxcpp-3.4.126.zip View on Github2017-06-26
Hxcpp 3.4.125 hxcpp-3.4.125.zip View on Github2017-06-21
Hxcpp 3.4.124 hxcpp-3.4.124.zip View on Github2017-06-20
Hxcpp 3.4.123 hxcpp-3.4.123.zip View on Github2017-06-20
Hxcpp 3.4.122 hxcpp-3.4.122.zip View on Github2017-06-19
Hxcpp 3.4.121 hxcpp-3.4.121.zip View on Github2017-06-19
Hxcpp 3.4.120 hxcpp-3.4.120.zip View on Github2017-06-19
Hxcpp 3.4.119 hxcpp-3.4.119.zip View on Github2017-06-18
Hxcpp 3.4.118 hxcpp-3.4.118.zip View on Github2017-06-18
Hxcpp 3.4.117 hxcpp-3.4.117.zip View on Github2017-06-16
Hxcpp 3.4.116 hxcpp-3.4.116.zip View on Github2017-06-15
Hxcpp 3.4.115 hxcpp-3.4.115.zip View on Github2017-06-15
Hxcpp 3.4.114 hxcpp-3.4.114.zip View on Github2017-06-14
Hxcpp 3.4.113 hxcpp-3.4.113.zip View on Github2017-06-14
Hxcpp 3.4.112 hxcpp-3.4.112.zip View on Github2017-06-13
Hxcpp 3.4.111 hxcpp-3.4.111.zip View on Github2017-06-13
Hxcpp 3.4.110 hxcpp-3.4.110.zip View on Github2017-06-11
Hxcpp 3.4.109 hxcpp-3.4.109.zip View on Github2017-06-11
Hxcpp 3.4.108 hxcpp-3.4.108.zip View on Github2017-06-07
Hxcpp 3.4.107 hxcpp-3.4.107.zip View on Github2017-06-07
Hxcpp 3.4.106 hxcpp-3.4.106.zip View on Github2017-06-05
Hxcpp 3.4.105 hxcpp-3.4.105.zip View on Github2017-06-05
Hxcpp 3.4.104 hxcpp-3.4.104.zip View on Github2017-06-03
Hxcpp 3.4.103 hxcpp-3.4.103.zip View on Github2017-06-03
Hxcpp 3.4.102 hxcpp-3.4.102.zip View on Github2017-06-02
Hxcpp 3.4.101 hxcpp-3.4.101.zip View on Github2017-06-01
Hxcpp 3.4.100 hxcpp-3.4.100.zip View on Github2017-05-31
Hxcpp 3.4.99 hxcpp-3.4.99.zip View on Github2017-05-24
Hxcpp 3.4.98 hxcpp-3.4.98.zip View on Github2017-05-24
Hxcpp 3.4.97 hxcpp-3.4.97.zip View on Github2017-05-23
Hxcpp 3.4.96 hxcpp-3.4.96.zip View on Github2017-05-23
Hxcpp 3.4.95 hxcpp-3.4.95.zip View on Github2017-05-23
Hxcpp 3.4.94 hxcpp-3.4.94.zip View on Github2017-05-23
Hxcpp 3.4.93 hxcpp-3.4.93.zip View on Github2017-05-22
Hxcpp 3.4.92 hxcpp-3.4.92.zip View on Github2017-05-19
Hxcpp 3.4.91 hxcpp-3.4.91.zip View on Github2017-05-17
Hxcpp 3.4.90 hxcpp-3.4.90.zip View on Github2017-05-05
Hxcpp 3.4.89 hxcpp-3.4.89.zip View on Github2017-05-05
Hxcpp 3.4.88 hxcpp-3.4.88.zip View on Github2017-04-28
Hxcpp 3.4.87 hxcpp-3.4.87.zip View on Github2017-04-25
Hxcpp 3.4.86 hxcpp-3.4.86.zip View on Github2017-04-07
Hxcpp 3.4.85 hxcpp-3.4.85.zip View on Github2017-04-06
Hxcpp 3.4.84 hxcpp-3.4.84.zip View on Github2017-04-06
Hxcpp 3.4.83 hxcpp-3.4.83.zip View on Github2017-04-05
Hxcpp 3.4.82 hxcpp-3.4.82.zip View on Github2017-04-05
Hxcpp 3.4.81 hxcpp-3.4.81.zip View on Github2017-04-05
Hxcpp 3.4.80 hxcpp-3.4.80.zip View on Github2017-04-04
Hxcpp 3.4.79 hxcpp-3.4.79.zip View on Github2017-04-04
Hxcpp 3.4.78 hxcpp-3.4.78.zip View on Github2017-03-26
Hxcpp 3.4.77 hxcpp-3.4.77.zip View on Github2017-03-25
Hxcpp 3.4.76 hxcpp-3.4.76.zip View on Github2017-03-25
Hxcpp 3.4.75 hxcpp-3.4.75.zip View on Github2017-03-24
Hxcpp 3.4.74 hxcpp-3.4.74.zip View on Github2017-03-24
Hxcpp 3.4.73 hxcpp-3.4.73.zip View on Github2017-03-22
Hxcpp 3.4.72 hxcpp-3.4.72.zip View on Github2017-03-20
Hxcpp 3.4.71 hxcpp-3.4.71.zip View on Github2017-03-20
Hxcpp 3.4.70 hxcpp-3.4.70.zip View on Github2017-03-20
Hxcpp 3.4.69 hxcpp-3.4.69.zip View on Github2017-03-19
Hxcpp 3.4.68 hxcpp-3.4.68.zip View on Github2017-03-19
Hxcpp 3.4.67 hxcpp-3.4.67.zip View on Github2017-03-18
Hxcpp 3.4.66 hxcpp-3.4.66.zip View on Github2017-03-18
Hxcpp 3.4.65 hxcpp-3.4.65.zip View on Github2017-03-18
Hxcpp 3.4.64 hxcpp-3.4.64.zip View on Github2017-03-17
Fixed cppia native interface implementation
Fixed debugger breakpoints
More compatibility for inet_pton and inet_ntop
Correct the order of thread housekeeping data

Hxcpp 3.4.63 hxcpp-3.4.63.zip View on Github2017-03-15
Hxcpp 3.4.62 hxcpp-3.4.62.zip View on Github2017-03-15
Hxcpp 3.4.61 hxcpp-3.4.61.zip View on Github2017-03-08
Hxcpp 3.4.60 hxcpp-3.4.60.zip View on Github2017-03-08
Hxcpp 3.4.59 hxcpp-3.4.59.zip View on Github2017-03-07
Hxcpp 3.4.58 hxcpp-3.4.58.zip View on Github2017-02-27
Hxcpp 3.4.57 hxcpp-3.4.57.zip View on Github2017-02-24
Hxcpp 3.4.56 hxcpp-3.4.56.zip View on Github2017-02-21
Hxcpp 3.4.55 hxcpp-3.4.55.zip View on Github2017-02-19
Hxcpp 3.4.54 hxcpp-3.4.54.zip View on Github2017-02-14
Hxcpp 3.4.53 hxcpp-3.4.53.zip View on Github2017-02-13
Hxcpp 3.4.52 hxcpp-3.4.52.zip View on Github2017-02-09
Hxcpp 3.4.51 hxcpp-3.4.51.zip View on Github2017-02-08
Hxcpp 3.4.50 hxcpp-3.4.50.zip View on Github2017-02-03
Hxcpp 3.4.49 hxcpp-3.4.49.zip View on Github2017-01-31
Fixed 2d-Arrays and unserialize

Hxcpp 3.4.48 hxcpp-3.4.48.zip View on Github2017-01-25
Hxcpp 3.4.47 hxcpp-3.4.47.zip View on Github2017-01-25
Hxcpp 3.4.46 hxcpp-3.4.46.zip View on Github2017-01-23
Hxcpp 3.4.45 hxcpp-3.4.45.zip View on Github2017-01-23
Hxcpp 3.4.44 hxcpp-3.4.44.zip View on Github2017-01-17
Hxcpp 3.4.43 hxcpp-3.4.43.zip View on Github2017-01-11
Added more options for code-size optimizations on android (thanks madrazo)
Added version of stpcpy on android to allow building with platform > 21, and running on older devices
Added some initial support for ipv6
Experimental support for Cppia JIT
Fixed issue with stale objects that use new pch files in cache
Rethrowing exception now preserves stack correctly

Hxcpp 3.4.42 hxcpp-3.4.42.zip View on Github2017-01-10
Hxcpp 3.4.41 hxcpp-3.4.41.zip View on Github2017-01-09
Hxcpp 3.4.40 hxcpp-3.4.40.zip View on Github2017-01-05
Hxcpp 3.4.39 hxcpp-3.4.39.zip View on Github2017-01-04
Hxcpp 3.4.38 hxcpp-3.4.38.zip View on Github2017-01-03
Hxcpp 3.4.37 hxcpp-3.4.37.zip View on Github2017-01-03
Hxcpp 3.4.36 hxcpp-3.4.36.zip View on Github2016-12-26
Hxcpp 3.4.35 hxcpp-3.4.35.zip View on Github2016-12-25
Hxcpp 3.4.34 hxcpp-3.4.34.zip View on Github2016-12-23
Hxcpp 3.4.33 hxcpp-3.4.33.zip View on Github2016-12-22
Hxcpp 3.4.32 hxcpp-3.4.32.zip View on Github2016-12-21
Hxcpp 3.4.31 hxcpp-3.4.31.zip View on Github2016-12-21
Hxcpp 3.4.30 hxcpp-3.4.30.zip View on Github2016-12-21
Hxcpp 3.4.29 hxcpp-3.4.29.zip View on Github2016-12-20
Hxcpp 3.4.28 hxcpp-3.4.28.zip View on Github2016-12-20
Hxcpp 3.4.27 hxcpp-3.4.27.zip View on Github2016-12-19
Hxcpp 3.4.26 hxcpp-3.4.26.zip View on Github2016-12-19
Hxcpp 3.4.25 hxcpp-3.4.25.zip View on Github2016-12-19
Hxcpp 3.4.24 hxcpp-3.4.24.zip View on Github2016-12-18
Hxcpp 3.4.23 hxcpp-3.4.23.zip View on Github2016-12-17
Hxcpp 3.4.22 hxcpp-3.4.22.zip View on Github2016-12-15
Hxcpp 3.4.21 hxcpp-3.4.21.zip View on Github2016-12-14
Hxcpp 3.4.20 hxcpp-3.4.20.zip View on Github2016-12-14
Hxcpp 3.4.19 hxcpp-3.4.19.zip View on Github2016-12-14
Hxcpp 3.4.18 hxcpp-3.4.18.zip View on Github2016-12-14
Hxcpp 3.4.17 hxcpp-3.4.17.zip View on Github2016-12-13
Hxcpp 3.4.16 hxcpp-3.4.16.zip View on Github2016-12-13
Hxcpp 3.4.15 hxcpp-3.4.15.zip View on Github2016-12-13
Hxcpp 3.4.14 hxcpp-3.4.14.zip View on Github2016-12-12
Hxcpp 3.4.13 hxcpp-3.4.13.zip View on Github2016-12-12
Hxcpp 3.4.12 hxcpp-3.4.12.zip View on Github2016-12-12
Hxcpp 3.4.11 hxcpp-3.4.11.zip View on Github2016-12-11
Hxcpp 3.4.10 hxcpp-3.4.10.zip View on Github2016-12-08
Hxcpp 3.4.9 hxcpp-3.4.9.zip View on Github2016-12-08
Hxcpp 3.4.8 hxcpp-3.4.8.zip View on Github2016-12-07
Hxcpp 3.4.7 hxcpp-3.4.7.zip View on Github2016-12-07
Hxcpp 3.4.6 hxcpp-3.4.6.zip View on Github2016-12-06
Hxcpp 3.4.5 hxcpp-3.4.5.zip View on Github2016-12-05
Hxcpp 3.4.4 hxcpp-3.4.4.zip View on Github2016-12-03
Hxcpp 3.4.3 hxcpp-3.4.3.zip View on Github2016-12-01
Hxcpp 3.4.2 hxcpp-3.4.2.zip View on Github2016-11-29
Hxcpp 3.4.1 hxcpp-3.4.1.zip View on Github2016-11-29
Align float reads from memory for Arm architecture
Removed some virtual functions not needed by newer versions of haxe
Reworked the logic for compacting fragmented heaps with HXCPP_GC_MOVING
Expose StackContext to allow inlining of allocation routine, and combine with Cppia context
Fix some compare-with-dynamic issues
Added WatchOs support
Fixed for android NDK 13
Fix Array closure equality
Refactor the Cppia code
Fix return codes for atomic decrease
Fix some GC zone issues in the standard library
Set minimum MacOS deployment target to 10.6
Do not use typedefs for 'Int' and 'Bool' for newer api levels
Added dll_link to create output dll
Improved ObjC support
Make Cppia order of operations of '+=' et al consistent with other targets
Added NO_RECURSE flag to PCRE
Fix bsd_signal undefines on android
Add create/free abstract

Hxcpp 3.3.121 hxcpp-3.3.121.zip View on Github2016-11-28
Hxcpp 3.3.120 hxcpp-3.3.120.zip View on Github2016-11-28
Hxcpp 3.3.119 hxcpp-3.3.119.zip View on Github2016-11-25
Hxcpp 3.3.118 hxcpp-3.3.118.zip View on Github2016-11-25
Hxcpp 3.3.117 hxcpp-3.3.117.zip View on Github2016-11-25
Hxcpp 3.3.116 hxcpp-3.3.116.zip View on Github2016-11-24
Hxcpp 3.3.115 hxcpp-3.3.115.zip View on Github2016-11-24
Hxcpp 3.3.114 hxcpp-3.3.114.zip View on Github2016-11-24
Hxcpp 3.3.113 hxcpp-3.3.113.zip View on Github2016-11-23
Hxcpp 3.3.112 hxcpp-3.3.112.zip View on Github2016-11-23
Hxcpp 3.3.111 hxcpp-3.3.111.zip View on Github2016-11-23
Hxcpp 3.3.110 hxcpp-3.3.110.zip View on Github2016-11-23
Hxcpp 3.3.109 hxcpp-3.3.109.zip View on Github2016-11-23
Hxcpp 3.3.108 hxcpp-3.3.108.zip View on Github2016-11-21
Hxcpp 3.3.107 hxcpp-3.3.107.zip View on Github2016-11-21
Hxcpp 3.3.106 hxcpp-3.3.106.zip View on Github2016-11-21
Hxcpp 3.3.105 hxcpp-3.3.105.zip View on Github2016-11-21
Hxcpp 3.3.104 hxcpp-3.3.104.zip View on Github2016-11-20
Hxcpp 3.3.103 hxcpp-3.3.103.zip View on Github2016-11-18
Hxcpp 3.3.102 hxcpp-3.3.102.zip View on Github2016-11-17
Hxcpp 3.3.101 hxcpp-3.3.101.zip View on Github2016-11-16
Hxcpp 3.3.100 hxcpp-3.3.100.zip View on Github2016-11-16
Hxcpp 3.3.99 hxcpp-3.3.99.zip View on Github2016-11-15
Hxcpp 3.3.98 hxcpp-3.3.98.zip View on Github2016-11-14
Hxcpp 3.3.97 hxcpp-3.3.97.zip View on Github2016-11-13
Hxcpp 3.3.96 hxcpp-3.3.96.zip View on Github2016-10-17
Hxcpp 3.3.95 hxcpp-3.3.95.zip View on Github2016-09-25
Hxcpp 3.3.94 hxcpp-3.3.94.zip View on Github2016-09-21
Hxcpp 3.3.93 hxcpp-3.3.93.zip View on Github2016-09-21
Hxcpp 3.3.92 hxcpp-3.3.92.zip View on Github2016-09-20
Hxcpp 3.3.91 hxcpp-3.3.91.zip View on Github2016-09-20
Hxcpp 3.3.90 hxcpp-3.3.90.zip View on Github2016-09-20
Hxcpp 3.3.89 hxcpp-3.3.89.zip View on Github2016-09-19
Hxcpp 3.3.88 hxcpp-3.3.88.zip View on Github2016-09-18
Hxcpp 3.3.87 hxcpp-3.3.87.zip View on Github2016-09-15
Hxcpp 3.3.86 hxcpp-3.3.86.zip View on Github2016-09-14
Hxcpp 3.3.85 hxcpp-3.3.85.zip View on Github2016-09-14
Hxcpp 3.3.84 hxcpp-3.3.84.zip View on Github2016-09-13
Hxcpp 3.3.83 hxcpp-3.3.83.zip View on Github2016-09-12
Hxcpp 3.3.82 hxcpp-3.3.82.zip View on Github2016-09-09
Hxcpp 3.3.81 hxcpp-3.3.81.zip View on Github2016-09-08
Hxcpp 3.3.80 hxcpp-3.3.80.zip View on Github2016-09-07
Hxcpp 3.3.79 hxcpp-3.3.79.zip View on Github2016-09-07
Hxcpp 3.3.78 hxcpp-3.3.78.zip View on Github2016-09-06
Hxcpp 3.3.77 hxcpp-3.3.77.zip View on Github2016-09-02
Hxcpp 3.3.76 hxcpp-3.3.76.zip View on Github2016-09-01
Hxcpp 3.3.75 hxcpp-3.3.75.zip View on Github2016-08-29
Hxcpp 3.3.74 hxcpp-3.3.74.zip View on Github2016-08-27
Hxcpp 3.3.73 hxcpp-3.3.73.zip View on Github2016-08-26
Hxcpp 3.3.72 hxcpp-3.3.72.zip View on Github2016-08-23
Hxcpp 3.3.71 hxcpp-3.3.71.zip View on Github2016-08-17
Hxcpp 3.3.70 hxcpp-3.3.70.zip View on Github2016-08-16
Hxcpp 3.3.69 hxcpp-3.3.69.zip View on Github2016-08-16
Hxcpp 3.3.68 hxcpp-3.3.68.zip View on Github2016-08-14
Hxcpp 3.3.67 hxcpp-3.3.67.zip View on Github2016-08-12
Hxcpp 3.3.66 hxcpp-3.3.66.zip View on Github2016-08-11
Hxcpp 3.3.65 hxcpp-3.3.65.zip View on Github2016-08-11
Hxcpp 3.3.64 hxcpp-3.3.64.zip View on Github2016-08-11
Hxcpp 3.3.63 hxcpp-3.3.63.zip View on Github2016-06-27
Hxcpp 3.3.62 hxcpp-3.3.62.zip View on Github2016-06-27
Hxcpp 3.3.61 hxcpp-3.3.61.zip View on Github2016-06-24
Hxcpp 3.3.60 hxcpp-3.3.60.zip View on Github2016-06-22
Hxcpp 3.3.59 hxcpp-3.3.59.zip View on Github2016-06-22
Hxcpp 3.3.58 hxcpp-3.3.58.zip View on Github2016-06-21
Hxcpp 3.3.57 hxcpp-3.3.57.zip View on Github2016-06-16
Hxcpp 3.3.56 hxcpp-3.3.56.zip View on Github2016-06-16
Hxcpp 3.3.55 hxcpp-3.3.55.zip View on Github2016-06-15
Hxcpp 3.3.54 hxcpp-3.3.54.zip View on Github2016-06-15
Hxcpp 3.3.53 hxcpp-3.3.53.zip View on Github2016-06-13
Hxcpp 3.3.52 hxcpp-3.3.52.zip View on Github2016-06-07
Hxcpp 3.3.51 hxcpp-3.3.51.zip View on Github2016-06-07
Hxcpp 3.3.50 hxcpp-3.3.50.zip View on Github2016-05-29
Hxcpp 3.3.49 hxcpp-3.3.49.zip View on Github2016-05-27
Fix Dynamic != for haxe 3.2.1
Fix Command line parsing on windows for triple quotes

Hxcpp 3.3.48 hxcpp-3.3.48.zip View on Github2016-05-27
Hxcpp 3.3.47 hxcpp-3.3.47.zip View on Github2016-05-24
Hxcpp 3.3.46 hxcpp-3.3.46.zip View on Github2016-05-23
Hxcpp 3.3.45 hxcpp-3.3.45.zip View on Github2016-05-23
Much better compile cache support
Added tags to compiler flags to allow better targeting
Added UCP support to regexp
Added Array::fromData
Added AtomicInt operations
Added _hx_imod
More improvements for tvos
Fix blocking deque issue
Improved native testing

Hxcpp 3.3.44 hxcpp-3.3.44.zip View on Github2016-05-22
Hxcpp 3.3.43 hxcpp-3.3.43.zip View on Github2016-05-22
Hxcpp 3.3.42 hxcpp-3.3.42.zip View on Github2016-05-19
Hxcpp 3.3.41 hxcpp-3.3.41.zip View on Github2016-05-19
Hxcpp 3.3.40 hxcpp-3.3.40.zip View on Github2016-05-18
Hxcpp 3.3.39 hxcpp-3.3.39.zip View on Github2016-05-18
Hxcpp 3.3.38 hxcpp-3.3.38.zip View on Github2016-05-18
Hxcpp 3.3.37 hxcpp-3.3.37.zip View on Github2016-05-18
Hxcpp 3.3.36 hxcpp-3.3.36.zip View on Github2016-05-17
Hxcpp 3.3.35 hxcpp-3.3.35.zip View on Github2016-05-17
Hxcpp 3.3.34 hxcpp-3.3.34.zip View on Github2016-05-17
Hxcpp 3.3.33 hxcpp-3.3.33.zip View on Github2016-05-15
Hxcpp 3.3.32 hxcpp-3.3.32.zip View on Github2016-05-15
Hxcpp 3.3.31 hxcpp-3.3.31.zip View on Github2016-05-13
Hxcpp 3.3.30 hxcpp-3.3.30.zip View on Github2016-05-13
Hxcpp 3.3.29 hxcpp-3.3.29.zip View on Github2016-05-13
Hxcpp 3.3.28 hxcpp-3.3.28.zip View on Github2016-05-13
Hxcpp 3.3.27 hxcpp-3.3.27.zip View on Github2016-05-13
Hxcpp 3.3.26 hxcpp-3.3.26.zip View on Github2016-05-12
Hxcpp 3.3.25 hxcpp-3.3.25.zip View on Github2016-05-12
Hxcpp 3.3.24 hxcpp-3.3.24.zip View on Github2016-05-12
Hxcpp 3.3.23 hxcpp-3.3.23.zip View on Github2016-05-12
Hxcpp 3.3.22 hxcpp-3.3.22.zip View on Github2016-05-12
Hxcpp 3.3.21 hxcpp-3.3.21.zip View on Github2016-05-12
Hxcpp 3.3.20 hxcpp-3.3.20.zip View on Github2016-05-10
Hxcpp 3.3.19 hxcpp-3.3.19.zip View on Github2016-05-10
Hxcpp 3.3.18 hxcpp-3.3.18.zip View on Github2016-05-09
Hxcpp 3.3.17 hxcpp-3.3.17.zip View on Github2016-05-09
Hxcpp 3.3.16 hxcpp-3.3.16.zip View on Github2016-05-09
Hxcpp 3.3.15 hxcpp-3.3.15.zip View on Github2016-05-09
Hxcpp 3.3.14 hxcpp-3.3.14.zip View on Github2016-05-09
Hxcpp 3.3.13 hxcpp-3.3.13.zip View on Github2016-05-09
Hxcpp 3.3.12 hxcpp-3.3.12.zip View on Github2016-05-09
Hxcpp 3.3.11 hxcpp-3.3.11.zip View on Github2016-05-08
Hxcpp 3.3.10 hxcpp-3.3.10.zip View on Github2016-05-08
Hxcpp 3.3.9 hxcpp-3.3.9.zip View on Github2016-05-08
Hxcpp 3.3.8 hxcpp-3.3.8.zip View on Github2016-05-08
Hxcpp 3.3.7 hxcpp-3.3.7.zip View on Github2016-05-05
Hxcpp 3.3.6 hxcpp-3.3.6.zip View on Github2016-05-05
Hxcpp 3.3.5 hxcpp-3.3.5.zip View on Github2016-05-05
Hxcpp 3.3.4 hxcpp-3.3.4.zip View on Github2016-05-04
Added 'hxcpp run hxcpp cache ...' commands for managing cache

Hxcpp 3.3.3 hxcpp-3.3.3.zip View on Github2016-05-04
Hxcpp 3.3.2 hxcpp-3.3.2.zip View on Github2016-05-03
Hxcpp 3.3.1 hxcpp-3.3.1.zip View on Github2016-05-02
Added cpp.Variant class for query of field values to avoid boxing
Added more efficient version of finalizer
Add non allocating version of __hxcpp_print
More WinRT fixes
Output 'HxcppConfig.h' with defines included for easier external integration
Output list of output files if requested
Add support functions for StdLib - alloc/free/sizeof
Fix crash when marking stack names from GCRoots
Add bitcode support for iOS
Rename RegisterClass to avoid conflicts with windows
Added 'VirtualArray' for arrays of unknown types
Split Macros.tpl
Added optional ShowParam to process_run
Added inline functions for Int64 externs
Add error check for allocating from a finalizer
Fix null strings on Cffi Prime
Use slow path if required for Win64 Tls
Expand logic for detecting android toolchain from NDK name
Remove the need for hxcpp binaries by compiling source directly into target
Adjust the default verbosity level, and add HXCPP_VERBOSE/HXCPP_QUIET/HXCPP_SILENT
Added some control options for copyFile directive
Fix cppia decrement
Add Array.removeRange, which does not require a return value
Do not call setbuf(0) on stdin, since it messes with readLine
Cppia now throws an error if loading fails
Allocate EnumParam data inline to cut down on allocations
Allow anonymous object data to be allocated inline to avoid allocations
Add SSL library code
Add NativeGen framework for interfaces
Add macros to allow neater generated code
Allow larger memory space with -D HXCPP_GC_BIG_BLOCKS
Improve Array.join speed

Hxcpp 3.2.274 hxcpp-3.2.274.zip View on Github2016-04-29
Hxcpp 3.2.273 hxcpp-3.2.273.zip View on Github2016-04-12
Hxcpp 3.2.272 hxcpp-3.2.272.zip View on Github2016-04-11
Hxcpp 3.2.271 hxcpp-3.2.271.zip View on Github2016-04-11
Hxcpp 3.2.270 hxcpp-3.2.270.zip View on Github2016-04-10
Hxcpp 3.2.269 hxcpp-3.2.269.zip View on Github2016-04-10
Hxcpp 3.2.268 hxcpp-3.2.268.zip View on Github2016-04-10
Hxcpp 3.2.267 hxcpp-3.2.267.zip View on Github2016-04-10
Hxcpp 3.2.266 hxcpp-3.2.266.zip View on Github2016-04-10
Hxcpp 3.2.265 hxcpp-3.2.265.zip View on Github2016-04-10
Hxcpp 3.2.264 hxcpp-3.2.264.zip View on Github2016-04-10
Hxcpp 3.2.263 hxcpp-3.2.263.zip View on Github2016-04-09
Hxcpp 3.2.262 hxcpp-3.2.262.zip View on Github2016-04-09
Hxcpp 3.2.261 hxcpp-3.2.261.zip View on Github2016-04-09
Hxcpp 3.2.260 hxcpp-3.2.260.zip View on Github2016-04-09
Hxcpp 3.2.259 hxcpp-3.2.259.zip View on Github2016-04-09
Hxcpp 3.2.258 hxcpp-3.2.258.zip View on Github2016-04-08
Hxcpp 3.2.257 hxcpp-3.2.257.zip View on Github2016-04-07
Hxcpp 3.2.256 hxcpp-3.2.256.zip View on Github2016-04-07
Hxcpp 3.2.255 hxcpp-3.2.255.zip View on Github2016-04-07
Hxcpp 3.2.254 hxcpp-3.2.254.zip View on Github2016-04-07
Hxcpp 3.2.253 hxcpp-3.2.253.zip View on Github2016-04-07
Hxcpp 3.2.252 hxcpp-3.2.252.zip View on Github2016-04-06
Hxcpp 3.2.251 hxcpp-3.2.251.zip View on Github2016-04-06
Hxcpp 3.2.250 hxcpp-3.2.250.zip View on Github2016-04-06
Hxcpp 3.2.249 hxcpp-3.2.249.zip View on Github2016-04-06
Hxcpp 3.2.248 hxcpp-3.2.248.zip View on Github2016-04-05
Hxcpp 3.2.247 hxcpp-3.2.247.zip View on Github2016-04-05
Hxcpp 3.2.246 hxcpp-3.2.246.zip View on Github2016-04-05
Hxcpp 3.2.245 hxcpp-3.2.245.zip View on Github2016-04-05
Hxcpp 3.2.244 hxcpp-3.2.244.zip View on Github2016-04-05
Hxcpp 3.2.243 hxcpp-3.2.243.zip View on Github2016-04-04
Hxcpp 3.2.242 hxcpp-3.2.242.zip View on Github2016-04-04
Hxcpp 3.2.241 hxcpp-3.2.241.zip View on Github2016-04-04
Hxcpp 3.2.240 hxcpp-3.2.240.zip View on Github2016-04-04
Hxcpp 3.2.239 hxcpp-3.2.239.zip View on Github2016-04-04
Hxcpp 3.2.238 hxcpp-3.2.238.zip View on Github2016-04-04
Hxcpp 3.2.237 hxcpp-3.2.237.zip View on Github2016-04-04
Hxcpp 3.2.236 hxcpp-3.2.236.zip View on Github2016-04-04
Hxcpp 3.2.235 hxcpp-3.2.235.zip View on Github2016-04-03
Hxcpp 3.2.234 hxcpp-3.2.234.zip View on Github2016-04-03
Hxcpp 3.2.233 hxcpp-3.2.233.zip View on Github2016-04-03
Hxcpp 3.2.232 hxcpp-3.2.232.zip View on Github2016-04-03
Hxcpp 3.2.231 hxcpp-3.2.231.zip View on Github2016-04-03
Hxcpp 3.2.230 hxcpp-3.2.230.zip View on Github2016-04-03
Hxcpp 3.2.229 hxcpp-3.2.229.zip View on Github2016-04-01
Hxcpp 3.2.228 hxcpp-3.2.228.zip View on Github2016-03-31
Hxcpp 3.2.227 hxcpp-3.2.227.zip View on Github2016-03-31
Hxcpp 3.2.226 hxcpp-3.2.226.zip View on Github2016-03-31
Hxcpp 3.2.225 hxcpp-3.2.225.zip View on Github2016-03-31
Hxcpp 3.2.224 hxcpp-3.2.224.zip View on Github2016-03-31
Hxcpp 3.2.223 hxcpp-3.2.223.zip View on Github2016-03-30
Hxcpp 3.2.222 hxcpp-3.2.222.zip View on Github2016-03-29
Hxcpp 3.2.221 hxcpp-3.2.221.zip View on Github2016-03-26
Hxcpp 3.2.220 hxcpp-3.2.220.zip View on Github2016-03-26
Hxcpp 3.2.219 hxcpp-3.2.219.zip View on Github2016-03-23
Hxcpp 3.2.218 hxcpp-3.2.218.zip View on Github2016-03-23
Hxcpp 3.2.217 hxcpp-3.2.217.zip View on Github2016-03-06
Hxcpp 3.2.216 hxcpp-3.2.216.zip View on Github2016-03-06
Hxcpp 3.2.215 hxcpp-3.2.215.zip View on Github2016-03-06
Hxcpp 3.2.214 hxcpp-3.2.214.zip View on Github2016-03-05
Hxcpp 3.2.213 hxcpp-3.2.213.zip View on Github2016-03-04
Hxcpp 3.2.212 hxcpp-3.2.212.zip View on Github2016-02-13
Hxcpp 3.2.211 hxcpp-3.2.211.zip View on Github2016-02-05
Hxcpp 3.2.210 hxcpp-3.2.210.zip View on Github2016-01-06
Hxcpp 3.2.209 hxcpp-3.2.209.zip View on Github2016-01-06
Hxcpp 3.2.208 hxcpp-3.2.208.zip View on Github2016-01-05
Hxcpp 3.2.207 hxcpp-3.2.207.zip View on Github2016-01-04
Hxcpp 3.2.206 hxcpp-3.2.206.zip View on Github2016-01-04
Hxcpp 3.2.205 hxcpp-3.2.205.zip View on Github2015-12-22
Initial support for HXCPP_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE
Support HXCPP_DEBUG_LINK on more targets
Support for cross compiling to windows from linux
Added array removeAt
Some telemety fixes (thanks Jeff)
Check contents when comparing Dynamics with same pointer (Math.Nan!=Math.Nan)
Numerous WinRT fixes (thanks madrazo)
Fixed bug causing GC to crash marking constant strings (eg, resources)
Updated default SDK for Tizen (thanks Joshua)
Fixed command line args on linux (thanks Andy)

Hxcpp 3.2.204 hxcpp-3.2.204.zip View on Github2015-12-22
Hxcpp 3.2.203 hxcpp-3.2.203.zip View on Github2015-12-16
Hxcpp 3.2.202 hxcpp-3.2.202.zip View on Github2015-12-15
Hxcpp 3.2.201 hxcpp-3.2.201.zip View on Github2015-11-20
Hxcpp 3.2.200 hxcpp-3.2.200.zip View on Github2015-11-20
Hxcpp 3.2.199 hxcpp-3.2.199.zip View on Github2015-11-19
Hxcpp 3.2.198 hxcpp-3.2.198.zip View on Github2015-11-19
Hxcpp 3.2.197 hxcpp-3.2.197.zip View on Github2015-11-19
Hxcpp 3.2.196 hxcpp-3.2.196.zip View on Github2015-11-19
Hxcpp 3.2.195 hxcpp-3.2.195.zip View on Github2015-11-19
Hxcpp 3.2.194 hxcpp-3.2.194.zip View on Github2015-11-13
Hxcpp 3.2.193 hxcpp-3.2.193.zip View on Github2015-11-05
Some improvements for tvos
Start on some GC defragging code
Fix android thread access to GC structures
Add socket socket_recv_from and socket_send_to
Fixed memory leak in GC collection code
Allow cross-compile to windows via MINGW

Hxcpp 3.2.192 hxcpp-3.2.192.zip View on Github2015-11-05
Hxcpp 3.2.191 hxcpp-3.2.191.zip View on Github2015-11-05
Hxcpp 3.2.190 hxcpp-3.2.190.zip View on Github2015-11-04
Hxcpp 3.2.189 hxcpp-3.2.189.zip View on Github2015-11-04
Hxcpp 3.2.188 hxcpp-3.2.188.zip View on Github2015-10-16
Hxcpp 3.2.187 hxcpp-3.2.187.zip View on Github2015-10-15
Hxcpp 3.2.186 hxcpp-3.2.186.zip View on Github2015-10-14
Hxcpp 3.2.185 hxcpp-3.2.185.zip View on Github2015-10-14
Fix overflow error that meant GC would work with a too-small buffer in some cases

Hxcpp 3.2.184 hxcpp-3.2.184.zip View on Github2015-10-06
Hxcpp 3.2.183 hxcpp-3.2.183.zip View on Github2015-10-06
Hxcpp 3.2.182 hxcpp-3.2.182.zip View on Github2015-10-06
Hxcpp 3.2.181 hxcpp-3.2.181.zip View on Github2015-10-05
Hxcpp 3.2.180 hxcpp-3.2.180.zip View on Github2015-10-04
Initial support for tvos
Change name of ObjectType to hxObjectType to avoid clashes with iOS
Try to keep windows.h out of haxe-generated code
Fix null access bug in array-of-array
Create separate library for msvc 19

Hxcpp 3.2.179 hxcpp-3.2.179.zip View on Github2015-10-03
Hxcpp 3.2.178 hxcpp-3.2.178.zip View on Github2015-10-02
Hxcpp 3.2.177 hxcpp-3.2.177.zip View on Github2015-10-01
Hxcpp 3.2.176 hxcpp-3.2.176.zip View on Github2015-10-01
Hxcpp 3.2.175 hxcpp-3.2.175.zip View on Github2015-10-01
Hxcpp 3.2.174 hxcpp-3.2.174.zip View on Github2015-10-01
Hxcpp 3.2.173 hxcpp-3.2.173.zip View on Github2015-09-30
Hxcpp 3.2.172 hxcpp-3.2.172.zip View on Github2015-09-30
Hxcpp 3.2.171 hxcpp-3.2.171.zip View on Github2015-09-29
Hxcpp 3.2.170 hxcpp-3.2.170.zip View on Github2015-09-29
Try to get the pdb server working better for MSVS 2015
So not export symbols on windows unless HXCPP_DLL_EXPORT is set (-D dll_export) - makes exe smaller
Avoid dynamic-cast if possible when converting 2D arrays
Some RPi fixes
Some CFFI Prime fixes (thanks Joshua)
Fix build tool for next version of neko
Improve msvc cl.exe version checking for non-English environments
Add more control over how much Gc memory is used
Add faster(inline) thread local storage for Gc on windows.
Add some Gc load balancing when marking large arrays with multiple threads
Change the Gc memory layout to be a bit larger, but simpler. This allows most of the allocation to be simplified and inlined.
Explicitly scan registers for Gc references because the stack scanning was missing them sometimes
Some additions to Undefine.h for windows
When static linking using MSVC 2015, compile the libraries directly into the exe to avoid compatibility issues
Move standard libraries into their own build.xml files
Make it easier to change the generated output filename
Allow targets from one build.xml file to be merged into another
Some more work on HXCPP_COMPILE_CACHE
Allow automatic grouping of obj files into librarys to avoid linking all the symbols in all obj files
Add implicit conversion to referenced type from cpp.Reference
Allow build.xml files to be imported relative to importing file
Allow '-' in command-line defines
Fix warnings from Hash class
Fix setsockopt for Mac
Support to MSVC2015
Fix for Blackberry 10.3
Fix debug break by linenumber
Better objc integration (thanks Caue)
Increase number of variables captured in closures to 20
Initial support for telemetry (thanks Jeff)
Align allocations for better emscripten support

Hxcpp 3.2.169 hxcpp-3.2.169.zip View on Github2015-09-23
Hxcpp 3.2.168 hxcpp-3.2.168.zip View on Github2015-09-23
Hxcpp 3.2.167 hxcpp-3.2.167.zip View on Github2015-09-22
Hxcpp 3.2.166 hxcpp-3.2.166.zip View on Github2015-09-21
Hxcpp 3.2.165 hxcpp-3.2.165.zip View on Github2015-09-21
Hxcpp 3.2.164 hxcpp-3.2.164.zip View on Github2015-09-21
Hxcpp 3.2.163 hxcpp-3.2.163.zip View on Github2015-09-21
Hxcpp 3.2.162 hxcpp-3.2.162.zip View on Github2015-09-21
Hxcpp 3.2.161 hxcpp-3.2.161.zip View on Github2015-09-21
Hxcpp 3.2.160 hxcpp-3.2.160.zip View on Github2015-09-21
Hxcpp 3.2.159 hxcpp-3.2.159.zip View on Github2015-09-21
Hxcpp 3.2.158 hxcpp-3.2.158.zip View on Github2015-09-18
Hxcpp 3.2.157 hxcpp-3.2.157.zip View on Github2015-09-17
Hxcpp 3.2.156 hxcpp-3.2.156.zip View on Github2015-09-17
Hxcpp 3.2.155 hxcpp-3.2.155.zip View on Github2015-09-17
Hxcpp 3.2.154 hxcpp-3.2.154.zip View on Github2015-09-17
Hxcpp 3.2.153 hxcpp-3.2.153.zip View on Github2015-09-17
Hxcpp 3.2.152 hxcpp-3.2.152.zip View on Github2015-09-17
Hxcpp 3.2.151 hxcpp-3.2.151.zip View on Github2015-09-16
Hxcpp 3.2.150 hxcpp-3.2.150.zip View on Github2015-09-16
Hxcpp 3.2.149 hxcpp-3.2.149.zip View on Github2015-09-16
Hxcpp 3.2.148 hxcpp-3.2.148.zip View on Github2015-09-16
Hxcpp 3.2.147 hxcpp-3.2.147.zip View on Github2015-09-16
Hxcpp 3.2.146 hxcpp-3.2.146.zip View on Github2015-09-15
Hxcpp 3.2.145 hxcpp-3.2.145.zip View on Github2015-09-15
Hxcpp 3.2.144 hxcpp-3.2.144.zip View on Github2015-09-15
Hxcpp 3.2.143 hxcpp-3.2.143.zip View on Github2015-09-15
Hxcpp 3.2.142 hxcpp-3.2.142.zip View on Github2015-09-14
Hxcpp 3.2.141 hxcpp-3.2.141.zip View on Github2015-09-10
Hxcpp 3.2.140 hxcpp-3.2.140.zip View on Github2015-09-09
Hxcpp 3.2.139 hxcpp-3.2.139.zip View on Github2015-09-07
Hxcpp 3.2.138 hxcpp-3.2.138.zip View on Github2015-09-07
Hxcpp 3.2.137 hxcpp-3.2.137.zip View on Github2015-09-05
Hxcpp 3.2.136 hxcpp-3.2.136.zip View on Github2015-08-28
Hxcpp 3.2.135 hxcpp-3.2.135.zip View on Github2015-08-19
Hxcpp 3.2.134 hxcpp-3.2.134.zip View on Github2015-08-14
Hxcpp 3.2.133 hxcpp-3.2.133.zip View on Github2015-08-14
Hxcpp 3.2.132 hxcpp-3.2.132.zip View on Github2015-08-14
Hxcpp 3.2.131 hxcpp-3.2.131.zip View on Github2015-08-13
Hxcpp 3.2.130 hxcpp-3.2.130.zip View on Github2015-08-13
Hxcpp 3.2.129 hxcpp-3.2.129.zip View on Github2015-08-13
Hxcpp 3.2.128 hxcpp-3.2.128.zip View on Github2015-08-12
Hxcpp 3.2.127 hxcpp-3.2.127.zip View on Github2015-08-12
Hxcpp 3.2.126 hxcpp-3.2.126.zip View on Github2015-08-12
Hxcpp 3.2.125 hxcpp-3.2.125.zip View on Github2015-08-12
Hxcpp 3.2.124 hxcpp-3.2.124.zip View on Github2015-08-11
Hxcpp 3.2.123 hxcpp-3.2.123.zip View on Github2015-08-11
Hxcpp 3.2.122 hxcpp-3.2.122.zip View on Github2015-08-11
Hxcpp 3.2.121 hxcpp-3.2.121.zip View on Github2015-08-10
Hxcpp 3.2.120 hxcpp-3.2.120.zip View on Github2015-08-10
Hxcpp 3.2.119 hxcpp-3.2.119.zip View on Github2015-08-09
Hxcpp 3.2.118 hxcpp-3.2.118.zip View on Github2015-08-02
Hxcpp 3.2.117 hxcpp-3.2.117.zip View on Github2015-07-30
Hxcpp 3.2.116 hxcpp-3.2.116.zip View on Github2015-07-26
Hxcpp 3.2.115 hxcpp-3.2.115.zip View on Github2015-07-18
Hxcpp 3.2.114 hxcpp-3.2.114.zip View on Github2015-07-15
Hxcpp 3.2.113 hxcpp-3.2.113.zip View on Github2015-07-10
Hxcpp 3.2.112 hxcpp-3.2.112.zip View on Github2015-07-08
Hxcpp 3.2.111 hxcpp-3.2.111.zip View on Github2015-06-19
Hxcpp 3.2.110 hxcpp-3.2.110.zip View on Github2015-06-17
Hxcpp 3.2.109 hxcpp-3.2.109.zip View on Github2015-06-16
Hxcpp 3.2.108 hxcpp-3.2.108.zip View on Github2015-06-12
Hxcpp 3.2.107 hxcpp-3.2.107.zip View on Github2015-06-10
Hxcpp 3.2.106 hxcpp-3.2.106.zip View on Github2015-06-10
Hxcpp 3.2.105 hxcpp-3.2.105.zip View on Github2015-06-09
Hxcpp 3.2.104 hxcpp-3.2.104.zip View on Github2015-05-27
Hxcpp 3.2.103 hxcpp-3.2.103.zip View on Github2015-05-26
Hxcpp 3.2.102 hxcpp-3.2.102.zip View on Github2015-05-26
Fix gc_lock error in remove_dir
Some cppia bug fixes - enum and resources overrides
More android atof fixes
Improved haxelib seek logic

Hxcpp 3.2.101 hxcpp-3.2.101.zip View on Github2015-05-26
Hxcpp 3.2.100 hxcpp-3.2.100.zip View on Github2015-05-24
Hxcpp 3.2.99 hxcpp-3.2.99.zip View on Github2015-05-24
Hxcpp 3.2.98 hxcpp-3.2.98.zip View on Github2015-05-21
Hxcpp 3.2.97 hxcpp-3.2.97.zip View on Github2015-05-20
Hxcpp 3.2.96 hxcpp-3.2.96.zip View on Github2015-05-11
Hxcpp 3.2.95 hxcpp-3.2.95.zip View on Github2015-05-11
Hxcpp 3.2.94 hxcpp-3.2.94.zip View on Github2015-05-10
Hxcpp 3.2.93 hxcpp-3.2.93.zip View on Github2015-05-10
Improve testing

Hxcpp 3.2.92 hxcpp-3.2.92.zip View on Github2015-05-09
Hxcpp 3.2.91 hxcpp-3.2.91.zip View on Github2015-05-09
Hxcpp 3.2.90 hxcpp-3.2.90.zip View on Github2015-05-09
Hxcpp 3.2.89 hxcpp-3.2.89.zip View on Github2015-05-06
Hxcpp 3.2.88 hxcpp-3.2.88.zip View on Github2015-05-06
Hxcpp 3.2.87 hxcpp-3.2.87.zip View on Github2015-05-06
Hxcpp 3.2.86 hxcpp-3.2.86.zip View on Github2015-05-05
Hxcpp 3.2.85 hxcpp-3.2.85.zip View on Github2015-05-04
Hxcpp 3.2.84 hxcpp-3.2.84.zip View on Github2015-05-02
Hxcpp 3.2.83 hxcpp-3.2.83.zip View on Github2015-05-02
Hxcpp 3.2.82 hxcpp-3.2.82.zip View on Github2015-05-01
Hxcpp 3.2.81 hxcpp-3.2.81.zip View on Github2015-04-11
Allow dll_load path to be set programatically and simplified the dll search sequence.
Improved cffi_prime, and added String class
Fixed static linking of mysql5
Moved static link code in general to cpp.link package, not hxcpp package
URL decode now does not need to performe reallocs
Ensure HXCPP_API_LEVEL is always defined
Added __hxcpp_unload_all_libraries to cleanly unload dlls
Added some utc date functions
Better support for non-console apps in windows XP 64
Increased use of HXCPP_DEBUG_LINK for gcc based targets
Class 'hasField' is now more consistent with other functions/targets
'haxelib run hxcpp test.cppia' will run Cppia on the specified file
Add fast-select option for sockets
Allow code to run without HXCPP_VISIT_ALLOCS defined
Fix debugger thread deadlocks
Allow up to 27 dynamic arguements
Fixes for Emscripten - byte align access and disable threads
Allow emscripten to generate 'executables' (.js/.html) and add options for specifying memory
Allow spaces in exe names again
Make cpp::Struct compare via memcmp, and mark correctly
Fix catch block in cppia
Treat '-debug' as an alias for "-Ddebug"
Expose ArrayBase for use with some generic or external code
Clarify the role of 'buffer' in cffi

Hxcpp 3.2.80 hxcpp-3.2.80.zip View on Github2015-04-07
Hxcpp 3.2.79 hxcpp-3.2.79.zip View on Github2015-04-07
Hxcpp 3.2.78 hxcpp-3.2.78.zip View on Github2015-04-07
Hxcpp 3.2.77 hxcpp-3.2.77.zip View on Github2015-04-07
Hxcpp 3.2.76 hxcpp-3.2.76.zip View on Github2015-04-06
Hxcpp 3.2.75 hxcpp-3.2.75.zip View on Github2015-04-06
Hxcpp 3.2.74 hxcpp-3.2.74.zip View on Github2015-04-06
Hxcpp 3.2.73 hxcpp-3.2.73.zip View on Github2015-04-05
Hxcpp 3.2.72 hxcpp-3.2.72.zip View on Github2015-04-05
Hxcpp 3.2.71 hxcpp-3.2.71.zip View on Github2015-04-05
Hxcpp 3.2.70 hxcpp-3.2.70.zip View on Github2015-04-05
Hxcpp 3.2.69 hxcpp-3.2.69.zip View on Github2015-04-04
Hxcpp 3.2.68 hxcpp-3.2.68.zip View on Github2015-04-02
Hxcpp 3.2.67 hxcpp-3.2.67.zip View on Github2015-04-02
Hxcpp 3.2.66 hxcpp-3.2.66.zip View on Github2015-04-02
Hxcpp 3.2.65 hxcpp-3.2.65.zip View on Github2015-04-01
Hxcpp 3.2.64 hxcpp-3.2.64.zip View on Github2015-04-01
Hxcpp 3.2.63 hxcpp-3.2.63.zip View on Github2015-03-31
Hxcpp 3.2.62 hxcpp-3.2.62.zip View on Github2015-03-31
Hxcpp 3.2.61 hxcpp-3.2.61.zip View on Github2015-03-31
Hxcpp 3.2.60 hxcpp-3.2.60.zip View on Github2015-03-31
Hxcpp 3.2.59 hxcpp-3.2.59.zip View on Github2015-03-31
Hxcpp 3.2.58 hxcpp-3.2.58.zip View on Github2015-03-30
Hxcpp 3.2.57 hxcpp-3.2.57.zip View on Github2015-03-30
Hxcpp 3.2.56 hxcpp-3.2.56.zip View on Github2015-03-30
Hxcpp 3.2.55 hxcpp-3.2.55.zip View on Github2015-03-30
Hxcpp 3.2.54 hxcpp-3.2.54.zip View on Github2015-03-29
Hxcpp 3.2.53 hxcpp-3.2.53.zip View on Github2015-03-28
Hxcpp 3.2.52 hxcpp-3.2.52.zip View on Github2015-03-28
Hxcpp 3.2.51 hxcpp-3.2.51.zip View on Github2015-03-28
Hxcpp 3.2.50 hxcpp-3.2.50.zip View on Github2015-03-28
Hxcpp 3.2.49 hxcpp-3.2.49.zip View on Github2015-03-28
Hxcpp 3.2.48 hxcpp-3.2.48.zip View on Github2015-03-28
Hxcpp 3.2.47 hxcpp-3.2.47.zip View on Github2015-03-26
Hxcpp 3.2.46 hxcpp-3.2.46.zip View on Github2015-03-25
Hxcpp 3.2.45 hxcpp-3.2.45.zip View on Github2015-03-25
Hxcpp 3.2.44 hxcpp-3.2.44.zip View on Github2015-03-25
Hxcpp 3.2.43 hxcpp-3.2.43.zip View on Github2015-03-24
Hxcpp 3.2.42 hxcpp-3.2.42.zip View on Github2015-03-24
Hxcpp 3.2.41 hxcpp-3.2.41.zip View on Github2015-03-24
Hxcpp 3.2.40 hxcpp-3.2.40.zip View on Github2015-03-23
Hxcpp 3.2.39 hxcpp-3.2.39.zip View on Github2015-03-21
Hxcpp 3.2.38 hxcpp-3.2.38.zip View on Github2015-03-20
Hxcpp 3.2.37 hxcpp-3.2.37.zip View on Github2015-03-19
Hxcpp 3.2.36 hxcpp-3.2.36.zip View on Github2015-03-19
Hxcpp 3.2.35 hxcpp-3.2.35.zip View on Github2015-03-19
Hxcpp 3.2.34 hxcpp-3.2.34.zip View on Github2015-03-19
Hxcpp 3.2.33 hxcpp-3.2.33.zip View on Github2015-03-18
Hxcpp 3.2.32 hxcpp-3.2.32.zip View on Github2015-03-18
Hxcpp 3.2.31 hxcpp-3.2.31.zip View on Github2015-03-18
Hxcpp 3.2.30 hxcpp-3.2.30.zip View on Github2015-03-17
Hxcpp 3.2.29 hxcpp-3.2.29.zip View on Github2015-03-17
Hxcpp 3.2.28 hxcpp-3.2.28.zip View on Github2015-03-16
Hxcpp 3.2.27 hxcpp-3.2.27.zip View on Github2015-03-16
Hxcpp 3.2.26 hxcpp-3.2.26.zip View on Github2015-03-16
Only put a minimal run.n in source-control, and use this to boot hxcpp.n
Added cpp.Struct and cpp.Reference classes, which are handy for extern classes
Moved Class to hx namespace
Simplified 'main' logic
Allow new android compilers to work for old devices (thanks google)
Correctly read hxcpp_api_level from Build.xml
Verbose logging prints which file is being compiled
Handle undefining the INT_ constants differently to allow std::string to still compile
Remove entries form Options.txt that do not influence the cpp build
Add optional destination= command-line option to allow copying the result to named file
Static libraries will be prefixed with 'lib' now
val_is_buffer always returns false on neko
Add val_iter_field_vals, which is like val_iter_fields but consistent with neko

Hxcpp 3.2.25 hxcpp-3.2.25.zip View on Github2015-03-16
Hxcpp 3.2.24 hxcpp-3.2.24.zip View on Github2015-03-14
Hxcpp 3.2.23 hxcpp-3.2.23.zip View on Github2015-03-14
Remove NekoApi binaries
Add Cppia binaries

Hxcpp 3.2.22 hxcpp-3.2.22.zip View on Github2015-03-13
Hxcpp 3.2.21 hxcpp-3.2.21.zip View on Github2015-03-12
Hxcpp 3.2.20 hxcpp-3.2.20.zip View on Github2015-03-12
Hxcpp 3.2.19 hxcpp-3.2.19.zip View on Github2015-03-12
Hxcpp 3.2.18 hxcpp-3.2.18.zip View on Github2015-03-11
Hxcpp 3.2.17 hxcpp-3.2.17.zip View on Github2015-03-10
Hxcpp 3.2.16 hxcpp-3.2.16.zip View on Github2015-03-10
Hxcpp 3.2.15 hxcpp-3.2.15.zip View on Github2015-03-09
Hxcpp 3.2.14 hxcpp-3.2.14.zip View on Github2015-03-09
Hxcpp 3.2.13 hxcpp-3.2.13.zip View on Github2015-03-09
Hxcpp 3.2.12 hxcpp-3.2.12.zip View on Github2015-03-09
Hxcpp 3.2.11 hxcpp-3.2.11.zip View on Github2015-03-08
Hxcpp 3.2.10 hxcpp-3.2.10.zip View on Github2015-03-08
Hxcpp 3.2.9 hxcpp-3.2.9.zip View on Github2015-03-07
Hxcpp 3.2.8 hxcpp-3.2.8.zip View on Github2015-03-07
Hxcpp 3.2.7 hxcpp-3.2.7.zip View on Github2015-03-07
Hxcpp 3.2.6 hxcpp-3.2.6.zip View on Github2015-03-06
Hxcpp 3.2.5 hxcpp-3.2.5.zip View on Github2015-03-03
Hxcpp 3.2.4 hxcpp-3.2.4.zip View on Github2015-03-03
Hxcpp 3.2.3 hxcpp-3.2.3.zip View on Github2015-03-02
Hxcpp 3.2.2 hxcpp-3.2.2.zip View on Github2015-03-01
Hxcpp 3.2.1 hxcpp-3.2.1.zip View on Github2015-02-25
Hxcpp 3.1.93 hxcpp-3.1.93.zip View on Github2015-02-25
Hxcpp 3.1.92 hxcpp-3.1.92.zip View on Github2015-02-25
Hxcpp 3.1.91 hxcpp-3.1.91.zip View on Github2015-02-25
Hxcpp 3.1.90 hxcpp-3.1.90.zip View on Github2015-02-24
Hxcpp 3.1.89 hxcpp-3.1.89.zip View on Github2015-02-24
Hxcpp 3.1.88 hxcpp-3.1.88.zip View on Github2015-02-24
Hxcpp 3.1.87 hxcpp-3.1.87.zip View on Github2015-02-24
Hxcpp 3.1.86 hxcpp-3.1.86.zip View on Github2015-02-23
Hxcpp 3.1.85 hxcpp-3.1.85.zip View on Github2015-02-23
Hxcpp 3.1.84 hxcpp-3.1.84.zip View on Github2015-02-22
Hxcpp 3.1.83 hxcpp-3.1.83.zip View on Github2015-02-22
Hxcpp 3.1.82 hxcpp-3.1.82.zip View on Github2015-02-21
Hxcpp 3.1.81 hxcpp-3.1.81.zip View on Github2015-02-18
Add Windows64 binaries

Hxcpp 3.1.80 hxcpp-3.1.80.zip View on Github2015-02-18
Hxcpp 3.1.79 hxcpp-3.1.79.zip View on Github2015-02-18
Hxcpp 3.1.78 hxcpp-3.1.78.zip View on Github2015-02-18
Hxcpp 3.1.77 hxcpp-3.1.77.zip View on Github2015-02-18
Hxcpp 3.1.76 hxcpp-3.1.76.zip View on Github2015-02-17
Hxcpp 3.1.75 hxcpp-3.1.75.zip View on Github2015-02-17
Hxcpp 3.1.74 hxcpp-3.1.74.zip View on Github2015-02-16
Hxcpp 3.1.73 hxcpp-3.1.73.zip View on Github2015-02-12
Hxcpp 3.1.72 hxcpp-3.1.72.zip View on Github2015-02-11
Hxcpp 3.1.71 hxcpp-3.1.71.zip View on Github2015-02-05
Hxcpp 3.1.70 hxcpp-3.1.70.zip View on Github2015-02-01
Hxcpp 3.1.69 hxcpp-3.1.69.zip View on Github2015-01-29
Make compares between Dynamic and numeric types false, unless the Dynamic is actaully numeric

Hxcpp 3.1.68 hxcpp-3.1.68.zip View on Github2015-01-26
Hxcpp 3.1.67 hxcpp-3.1.67.zip View on Github2015-01-24
Hxcpp 3.1.66 hxcpp-3.1.66.zip View on Github2015-01-22
Hxcpp 3.1.65 hxcpp-3.1.65.zip View on Github2015-01-22
Hxcpp 3.1.64 hxcpp-3.1.64.zip View on Github2015-01-22
Hxcpp 3.1.63 hxcpp-3.1.63.zip View on Github2015-01-21
Hxcpp 3.1.62 hxcpp-3.1.62.zip View on Github2015-01-19
Hxcpp 3.1.61 hxcpp-3.1.61.zip View on Github2015-01-18
Even more optimizations for hashes

Hxcpp 3.1.60 hxcpp-3.1.60.zip View on Github2015-01-15
Hxcpp 3.1.59 hxcpp-3.1.59.zip View on Github2015-01-15
Hxcpp 3.1.58 hxcpp-3.1.58.zip View on Github2015-01-14
Hxcpp 3.1.57 hxcpp-3.1.57.zip View on Github2015-01-13
Hxcpp 3.1.56 hxcpp-3.1.56.zip View on Github2015-01-12
Hxcpp 3.1.55 hxcpp-3.1.55.zip View on Github2015-01-12
Some more optimizations for small hashes

Hxcpp 3.1.54 hxcpp-3.1.54.zip View on Github2015-01-10
Fix for google changing inlining in platform21 headers (atof, rand, srand)

Hxcpp 3.1.53 hxcpp-3.1.53.zip View on Github2015-01-09
Re-tuned Hash for small objects too (improves Anon object perforamce)

Hxcpp 3.1.52 hxcpp-3.1.52.zip View on Github2015-01-08
Hxcpp 3.1.51 hxcpp-3.1.51.zip View on Github2015-01-01
Reverted change that automatically threw 'BadCast'. Now required HXCPP_STRICT_CASTS

Hxcpp 3.1.50 hxcpp-3.1.50.zip View on Github2014-12-27
Hxcpp 3.1.49 hxcpp-3.1.49.zip View on Github2014-12-26
Hxcpp 3.1.48 hxcpp-3.1.48.zip View on Github2014-12-23
Cached dynamic versions of small ints and 1-char-strings for speed
Added support for weak hashes - needs latest haxe version
Use internal hash structure for maps - now faster. New version of haxe makes it faster still.
Changed the way development versions are bootstrapped to avoid committing binaries

Hxcpp 3.1.47 hxcpp-3.1.47.zip View on Github2014-12-23
Hxcpp 3.1.46 hxcpp-3.1.46.zip View on Github2014-12-22
Hxcpp 3.1.45 hxcpp-3.1.45.zip View on Github2014-12-21
Hxcpp 3.1.44 hxcpp-3.1.44.zip View on Github2014-12-20
Improved mingw support

Hxcpp 3.1.43 hxcpp-3.1.43.zip View on Github2014-12-18
Hxcpp 3.1.42 hxcpp-3.1.42.zip View on Github2014-12-18
Hxcpp 3.1.41 hxcpp-3.1.41.zip View on Github2014-11-10
Hxcpp 3.1.40 hxcpp-3.1.40.zip View on Github2014-11-04
Dont append -debug to dll name
Reorder xml includes to allow early parts to correctly influence older parts
Fix busy wait in semaphore lock
Fixed GC issue when constructing exrernal primitive objects
Added armv7s and arm64 targets for ios
Some fixes for neko cffi - wstring and warning for neko_init
Fix file read (and copy) from thread

Hxcpp 3.1.39 hxcpp-3.1.39.zip View on Github2014-06-03
Compile fix for blackberry
Pass on haxe_api_level
Add -nocolor flag

Hxcpp 3.1.38 hxcpp-3.1.38.zip View on Github2014-06-02
Hxcpp 3.1.37 hxcpp-3.1.37.zip View on Github2014-05-21
Hxcpp 3.1.36 hxcpp-3.1.36.zip View on Github2014-05-20
Hxcpp 3.1.35 hxcpp-3.1.35.zip View on Github2014-05-20
Add support for prelinker
Cygwin toolchain fix
Fix windows trace output
Add initial support for GCWO compile
Fix bug with losing GC references in Array.sort
Fix bug with zombie marking
Add support for optimised sort routines
Add support for haxe.ds.Vector optimisation
Add support for cpp.Pointer, cpp.NativeArray, cpp.NativeString

Hxcpp 3.1.34 hxcpp-3.1.34.zip View on Github2014-05-20
Hxcpp 3.1.33 hxcpp-3.1.33.zip View on Github2014-05-19
Hxcpp 3.1.32 hxcpp-3.1.32.zip View on Github2014-05-11
Hxcpp 3.1.31 hxcpp-3.1.31.zip View on Github2014-05-11
Hxcpp 3.1.30 hxcpp-3.1.30.zip View on Github2014-04-11
Add BlackBerry and Tizen binaries

Hxcpp 3.1.29 hxcpp-3.1.29.zip View on Github2014-04-11
Hxcpp 3.1.28 hxcpp-3.1.28.zip View on Github2014-04-10
Fix issues when using names like ANDROID or IPHONE in an enum
Added more info in verbose mode (setenv HXCPP_VERBOSE)
Refactor build files to allow greater customisation
Fix bug with 'lock' where some threads may not get released
Add optimised arrays access
Add optimised memory operations for arrays and haxe.io.Bytes

Hxcpp 3.1.27 hxcpp-3.1.27.zip View on Github2014-03-27
Hxcpp 3.1.26 hxcpp-3.1.26.zip View on Github2014-03-26
Avoid blocking in gethostbyname
Upgrade run tool output and layout

Hxcpp 3.1.25 hxcpp-3.1.25.zip View on Github2014-03-24
Hxcpp 3.1.24 hxcpp-3.1.24.zip View on Github2014-03-23
Hxcpp 3.1.23 hxcpp-3.1.23.zip View on Github2014-03-21
Restore sys_time for windows

Hxcpp 3.1.22 hxcpp-3.1.22.zip View on Github2014-03-16
Fixed MSVC support for 64-bit targets (vc11, vc12)
Initial work on cpp.Pointer (not fully functional)
Fixed callstack when throwing from native function

Hxcpp 3.1.21 hxcpp-3.1.21.zip View on Github2014-03-04
VC 2013 support - used as default now
Add winxp compatibility flags
Allow cross-compiling from mac to linux
Added NSString helper conversion
Better auto-detection for android toolchain
Allow foreign threads to easily attach and detach from GC system
Weak references to closures keep object alive
Added HXCPP_API_LEVEL define to allow for future compatibility
Fixed clearing finalizers twice
Int multiply and minus are performed with integers now
Fix comparing +- infinities
Use multiple threads in the mark phase of GC
IOS now defaults cpp11 binary linkage
Added HXCPP_VERBOSE environment var to enable extra output
Fixed spin loop in pthread_cond_wait
Added ability to link several .a files into a single .a file
Removed dependence on STL runtime for supplied modules
Renamed some directories to be more standard
Moved some extra build files into obj directory
Use sys.io.Process instead of Sys.command to avoid threading slowdown writing to console
Add hxcpp.Builder to help with building multiple binaries
Add android x86 support
Drop pre-compiled support for everything excepth windows,mac,linux,ios and android
Allow libraries and files to accumulated in the build.xml
Supply pre-build lib files for static linking on supported platforms
Support for static linking of all modules
Support for hxcpp-debugger project
Binaries have been removed from repo, and are built using a server

Hxcpp 3.1.20 hxcpp-3.1.20.zip View on Github2014-02-28
Hxcpp 3.1.19 hxcpp-3.1.19.zip View on Github2014-02-28
Hxcpp 3.1.18 hxcpp-3.1.18.zip View on Github2014-02-26
Use build.n script to build all appropriate binaries
Some initial support for mysql and sqlite databases

Hxcpp 3.1.17 hxcpp-3.1.17.zip View on Github2014-02-26
Hxcpp 3.1.16 hxcpp-3.1.16.zip View on Github2014-02-26
Hxcpp 3.1.15 hxcpp-3.1.15.zip View on Github2014-02-25
Hxcpp 3.1.14 hxcpp-3.1.14.zip View on Github2014-02-25
Hxcpp 3.1.13 hxcpp-3.1.13.zip View on Github2014-02-18
Hxcpp 3.1.12 hxcpp-3.1.12.zip View on Github2014-02-16
Hxcpp 3.1.11 hxcpp-3.1.11.zip View on Github2014-02-09
Hxcpp 3.1.10 hxcpp-3.1.10.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Hxcpp 3.1.9 hxcpp-3.1.9.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Hxcpp 3.1.8 hxcpp-3.1.8.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Hxcpp 3.1.7 hxcpp-3.1.7.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Hxcpp 3.1.6 hxcpp-3.1.6.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Hxcpp 3.1.5 hxcpp-3.1.5.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Hxcpp 3.1.4 hxcpp-3.1.4.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Hxcpp 3.1.3 hxcpp-3.1.3.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Hxcpp 3.1.2 hxcpp-3.1.2.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Hxcpp 3.1.1 hxcpp-3.1.1.zip View on Github2014-02-07
Add free_abstract for safe releasing of data references
Change process lauching to get better thread usage on mac
Fix GC error in string resources
Give obj files in libraries unique names