Hxcpp 4.1.20 hxcpp-4.1.20.zip View on Github2020-09-26
Hxcpp 4.1.19 hxcpp-4.1.19.zip View on Github2020-09-09
Hxcpp 4.1.18 hxcpp-4.1.18.zip View on Github2020-08-31
Hxcpp 4.1.17 hxcpp-4.1.17.zip View on Github2020-08-05
Hxcpp 4.1.16 hxcpp-4.1.16.zip View on Github2020-07-16
Hxcpp 4.1.15 hxcpp-4.1.15.zip View on Github2020-07-02
Added Arm64 suport on windows
Fixed crash with zero-sized alloc and generational GC
Fixed crash with generational GC when old objects come back to life
Fixed compile error with @:fixed Anons and arrays (socket select)
Fixed lastIndexOf
Optimized some equality functions

Hxcpp 4.1.14 hxcpp-4.1.14.zip View on Github2020-07-01
Hxcpp 4.1.13 hxcpp-4.1.13.zip View on Github2020-06-29
Hxcpp 4.1.12 hxcpp-4.1.12.zip View on Github2020-06-27
Hxcpp 4.1.11 hxcpp-4.1.11.zip View on Github2020-06-11