Hxcpp 4.0.10 hxcpp-4.0.10.zip View on Github2019-02-10
Hxcpp 4.0.9 hxcpp-4.0.9.zip View on Github2019-02-03
Hxcpp 4.0.8 hxcpp-4.0.8.zip View on Github2019-01-31
Throw exceptions according to the spec when casting
Introduce hxcpp_smart_strings for unicode text

Hxcpp 4.0.7 hxcpp-4.0.7.zip View on Github2018-10-15
Hxcpp 4.0.6 hxcpp-4.0.6.zip View on Github2018-10-10
Hxcpp 4.0.5 hxcpp-4.0.5.zip View on Github2018-08-10
Hxcpp 4.0.4 hxcpp-4.0.4.zip View on Github2018-07-13
Hxcpp 4.0.3 hxcpp-4.0.3.zip View on Github2018-07-13
Compile Cppia against haxe 4.0 preview 4

Hxcpp 4.0.2 hxcpp-4.0.2.zip View on Github2018-07-12
Default Cppia to 64 bits on windows

Hxcpp 4.0.1 hxcpp-4.0.1.zip View on Github2018-07-11