HxcppDebugger 1.2.3 hxcpp-debugger-1.2.3.zip View on Github2017-07-02
HxcppDebugger 1.2.2 hxcpp-debugger-1.2.2.zip View on Github2016-09-28
HxcppDebugger 1.2.1 hxcpp-debugger-1.2.1.zip View on Github2016-05-19
Switched to using arrays instead of lists for files, classes and variables. Lists have a problem when they grow too big and they become unusable.
Bumped protocol version to 0.1.0.

HxcppDebugger 1.1.5 hxcpp-debugger-1.1.5.zip View on Github2016-04-08
HxcppDebugger 1.1.4 hxcpp-debugger-1.1.4.zip View on Github2016-02-05
HxcppDebugger 1.1.3 hxcpp-debugger-1.1.3.zip View on Github2015-11-19
HxcppDebugger 1.1.2 hxcpp-debugger-1.1.2.zip View on Github2015-10-15
HxcppDebugger 1.1.1 hxcpp-debugger-1.1.1.zip View on Github2015-06-16
HxcppDebugger 1.0.6 hxcpp-debugger-1.0.6.zip View on Github2014-05-11
HxcppDebugger 1.0.5 hxcpp-debugger-1.0.5.zip View on Github2014-03-08